Instagram: Basics

Nowadays, social media is considered a necessity. Creating an account on Instagram is just as simple as Facebook or Twitter. Once you have made your account, you will have a profile where you can post multiple photos and videos. These posted photos and videos will show up on your profile. If you have set your account to public, then anyone can view your posts and like or comment on them. You can also set your account to private to limit your audience. You can follow people and see what they post on your news feed. Using Instagram is simple and fun as there are many options to interact with other Instagram users. You can save their posts, tag people, or mention them in posts.

There is also an option of private messaging, also known and DMs or direct messages. Liking posts and commenting is all similar to Facebook. Instagram is better for visual sharing than Facebook as on Instagram; all emphasis is on photos and videos. Instagram is free to download and is available on Android and iOS, all iPhone models and iPad models. It is also accessible on the internet through a website form.

How to create an account on Instagram:

Creating an account on Instagram is free and easy. All you need to create an account on Instagram is an existing email or a Facebook account. With that email or account, you will sign up on Instagram with a username and a password. If you are connecting your Facebook account, Instagram would ask whether you want to connect with your Facebook friends on Instagram as well. Now that your account has been created choose a profile picture that helps others identify you or put in a link to your website if you have one. You can add in a bio so people will be able to recognize you. Instagram is a great social platform for help people interact through mutual interests as well. Your followers can see who you are following and vice versa. When you have followed someone, their posts will show up on your feed, and you can double-tap on it to like the post. You can also comment or share a post with the paper-plane button.

Instagram Features:

Instagram has also introduced several new features over time. You can go live, and your followers will be able to view your IG live. Another great feature is that now people can upload videos longer than a minute, which is shown in a separate category called IGTV. You can also video chat with people in good quality with an option available in the direct messages. The Instagram community is growing day by day, and many people are using Instagram to promote their businesses. You can also buy Instagram impressions by sponsoring some of your posts. These sponsored posts will show up in people’s feeds, making it easier to grow any business’ engagement. You can also post ads as stories. Stories were introduced on Instagram quite a while back.

These stories are shown on the top of the news feed and stay there for 24 hours. You can also view the stories you have posted previously in the Instagram story archive. The option of archiving posts is also available. Instagram allows its users to create filters as well, which can be accessed through the Instagram camera. You can save these fun filters and use them to take creative pictures. Searching for content is easier on Instagram as there is an explore page. All the content that is shown on your Instagram explore is tailored accordingly to your interests. This way, you can find more creative posts on Instagram and interact with new people. Instagram is a great app for socializing and has given its users a wide variety of options to choose from to create more content.