Zoidtrip and Microtrip: android games with science

If you like games of skill and speed, Zoidtrip and Microtrip are ideal for you. Both of the triplex trip studio company will test your concentration, speed and skill in two fun games that combine hard science with the entertaining of an Android game. Do not panic, not to include science means you have to put lock your brain with math problems is only the adaptation of these two games you can find the Play Store. Ideal for young and old, long hours of fun guaranteed.

What are Zoidtrip and Microtrip about?

Zoidtrip Thumbmail

Zoidtrip and Microtrip are both games where you need to test your concentration and speed. At first, Zoidtrip is a game inspired by mathematics, it is basically to get the character, an attractive and funny smiling triangle continue its fall without being interrupted by any of the walls that appear on the sides of the screen. This will get by tapping the screen every time our funny friend approaching any of these horizontal walls. Each time you touch the screen, the triangle will change the direction of its fall. Every touch add you one point.

Although this description may sound a bit simple and even boring, do not play a prejudice before trying this application, it is quite complicated, which makes it highly addictive and fun when trying to break your own record. Many players only reach 30 points. And you, how many points you think you can get?

Microtrip Thumbmail

By its side, Microtrip is a game of skill and dexterity also but this time inspired by the chemistry. The idea of the game is to help your character, a funny microorganism with sneering face, to follow his way up without being interrupted by any of the obstacles to be presented in front of him. You can find very narrow roads, gelatinous blockages that slow the character, fans with poison and so many more obstacles. You will have three lives, if the character were to touch any of these poisonous objects or if the display reaches faster than the microorganism three times, the game is over and you must start again.

Like the above, it sounds a bit easy; but the truth is that it is quite difficult to beat your score. You should go touching the screen and moving the device to avoid congestion of the road. Also, you can find lives in the endless rise posed the game, but the more you progress, the more complicated levels become. When you lose all three lives will restart the game and have to start from the first level. Difficult, isn’t it?

These games are very entertaining for kids

Both, Zoidtrip and Microtrip are games designed for both adults and children. The interface is very colorful in both, which attracts the attention of children. Also, being games of skill, develop notably his hand-eye dexterity. The games will give your children hours and hour of fun. What are you waiting to download these entertaining games for Android?