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Android apps: Youtube TV Live TV is coming to YouTube

The video platform is characterized precisely by its constant evolution. Two years ago, it was launched YouTube Red, a system of monthly subscription that provides, among other things, access to a catalogue of contents of the company; now, the famous Google portal goes one step further and announces the launch of YouTube TV, a Netflix-like service, which also incorporates direct TV.
YouTube, or rather Google, has announced today YouTube TV, a new video streaming platform based on the Internet that offers United States resident users the possibility to watch their favorite TV channels from their smartphone, Smart TV or tablet, all thanks to this new app

YouTube TV, which will have its own app, is a monthly subscription service that will allow users to gain access to a catalog of content via streaming, as with Netflix or HBO Go; however, it will also allow to watch live TV. The ship will sail this spring in the United States and will have a monthly price of $35. With this fee, up to six members may simultaneously use YouTube TV from any device in which YouTube already operates. Aka, nearly all devices. This means we’ll get YouTube TV for Android.
After offering the possibility of live video on your mobile, YouTube has wanted to go one step further to expand its range of possibilities. For this purpose, they have created YouTube TV; it will offer content by channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC.

Youtube TV Features

Youtube TV review

The service will also include sports channels such as ESPN, children’s Disney Channel, as MSNBC News or specialists on TV reality shows, E!. Telemundo, SyFy, National Geographic and FX will also be in the basic package, which will offer in total 40 chain channels besides from local TV stations. For an additional charge, you can add Showtime and Fox Soccer Plus.
YouTube TV for Android will allow up to a maximum of six accounts linked to the main subscription, allowing only three simultaneous reproduction screens.

Youtube TV For Android

Another of its features, in addition to live TV, is that it will provide to all its users a digital video recorder (DVR) in the cloud. I.e. if we are watching a live TV series and have to leave, we can record the end of the chapter in a virtual drive and watch it later from any device. This DVR service offers unlimited storage, allows you to record several programs simultaneously at full resolution and keeps all our content stored for a maximum period of nine months. By the way, each of the six accounts opened with one single monthly subscription has its own profile, recommendations and its own DVR with unlimited storage.

Youtube TV Review

If we consider the content YouTube is offering with this new Streaming service and YouTube TV app, we can notice that the variety of channels is much wider than its major competitors like HBO or Netflix. However, a downside to it is its price. While the competition has a comfortable price from 5 to 8 dollars per month, YouTube TV Price is $35 a month. An amount that’s pretty difficult to digest for many. Besides from that, everything seems excellent for this service Google will be offering firstly in the United States and that plans to expand to the rest of the world.
Now, do you guys think of YouTube TV? Do you like the concept? Do you think it will be able to dethrone Netflix or HBO Go? Or will it just be another failure for Google in the app market? With your comments down below with your thoughts



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