Youtube Go: Helping limited connectivity places

Google has announced YouTube Go, a new android application designed to expand the accessibility of popular video-sharing service. Designed and developed with Indian users in mind, you will be able to test the application before wider deployment, YouTube Go is designed to operate more effectively in areas where connectivity is more limited.

YouTube Go allows users to save videos offline for viewing, giving options on the quality and file size, so you can always know the data you need each video to be downloaded to the device. The application also lets you share with nearby local users without using any data connection. YouTube Go is based on the intelligent connection feature that was first launched in India earlier this year.

Youtube Go App

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YouTube Go, first in India and then to the rest of the world?

“YouTube Go is a new application that arrives to help the next generation of users to share and enjoy videos,” as YouTube Vice President of Product Management Johanna Wright, she said in a statement. “YouTube Go was designed and built from scratch with India in the spotlight, in order to bring the power of watching videos to mobile users in a way that allows them to be more aware of the use of their data and connectivity without stop being relevant local and social level. ”

YouTube Go was announced in a Google event in New Delhi, where the company unveiled several new products for the Indian market; many of these will come later to everyone. “In a world where mobile devices are so important, India gives us the first insights into the future of the Internet,” said the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, in an opinion piece for The Economic Times. “Moreover, we have learned that some people in India may have problems with data connectivity and that these limitations can be universal.”

For now, users in India can register from the official website YouTube Go, although there is no information on when it will be available to download in the country or elsewhere, as they point the guys from The Verge. We do not know if the app will eventually be available globally or only be officially downloaded in countries with greater difficulty connecting to the internet.

What do you think of YouTube Go? Should it become available in all countries for everyone to enjoy?