Yankais Triangle: A puzzling puzzle game

Yankai’s Triangle is a pretty simple puzzle game; it’s all about the triangles. About matching them and creating even more until the level has ended.

The game is easy to understand: just with the first glance, you know what you have to do. Each stage will display a bunch of triangles with colored vertices, and the goal is to make their color and the triangle’s match. Tap on them until you complete the task… just to see how more triangles pop up in the surroundings, waiting for you to match their vertices.

Yankais Triangle Features

Yankais triangle android

Kenny Sun’s seemingly never ending series of triangles that the very artsy Yankai’s Triangle is offers users a chance to waste a little time and let them lose themselves in this relaxing game, being amused by the amusing simplicity of tapping on stuff.

The game’s goal is simple and pretty straightforward. Just make sure the side of the vertex you’re using is not meant to be used to match another triangle. However, the more you play, the harder it will get. As you advance, Sun made sure you would encounter only more complicated levels. Gameplay isn’t difficult at all; you just need a bit of logical thought and patience.

So, being Yankai’s Triangle this simple, why is it so popular? What’s so good about it?

It’s a combination of many things, in fact. By themselves, they are nothing special, but together, they give the game whatever it is that makes it so great: the great je ne se qua.

The game’s graphics are plain weird. Good, but weird. It doesn’t matter how minimalistic and stylish it can get (although it is one big plus), it’s certainly still disconcerting.

There are triangles everywhere, which is no surprise; they seem to be the protagonist of Yankai’s Triangle. But it gets plain weird when you see all those eyes and teeth – gosh, the eyes are terrifying.

However, the visuals are stunning, but the colors might be too much at times. Don’t worry, you have the option to change all those bright colors to white and black if you feel like you can’t handle them anymore.

Yankais Triangle Review

At some point, you realize things don’t seem to be making sense, but by then, you have already fallen in love with it.

All in all, it is one great, disturbing game. Totally worth the time and money: you can download it for $2,99 on the Google Play Store on your Android device.