Yahoo Answer Now is a new Q&A app for Android

One of the oldest and most iconic things of the entire Internet comes now to be a prominence in the future, the Smartphone and apps market. We are talking about that webite that’s all about questions and answers we all know and have used or seen some time in this lifetime, perhaps in order to do some homework or to have a little laugh with the crazy questions you can see on there. Yes, we are talking about the mythical Yahoo Answer that now comes in the form of an app such as Yahoo Answers Now.

Yahoo Answer Now Features

Yahoo answers android

Although for many, Yahoo Answer won’t stop being considered a website with humoristic purposes more than with the aims of spreading general knowledge, it is still an indisputable protagonist of the current web, with millions of users daily “playing around” answering or asking anything they can come up with.

Yahoo Answer hasn’t  earned a good reputation during the last years; the amount of lies, jokes and senseless questions that circulate in the platform has made the essential concept to go away, something that others projects have exploited, like Quora, that has achieved to build and occupy a much more solid space in the world of the questions and answers.

Now we have on Google Play a relaunch of what Hive Q & A was, also by Yahoo, and they do it with a simple app called Yahoo Answers Now, on which we can ask questions and get answers from real people, thanking those who answered our questions and follow or unfollow users.

Users can write rich answers  with emojis, photos and links and receive instant notifications for everything, as they can also browse by categories and search between existent themes and questions, although it is important to remember that any person can answer what we have asked, therefore, maybe we shouldn’t believe everything we’re told or the first thing we find.

While in Quora people struggle daily for not ending up being a new Yahoo Answers, in Yahoo, they want to be the new Quora; we’ll see who wins this first place as the most famous questions and answers app now with Yahoo in the competition.

Yahoo Answer Now Review

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Who is already familiar with Yahoo Answers on the website won’t have too much trouble when starting using it on Android. It’s exactly the same concept of questions and answers from the community, although with an elegant and up-to-date interface, on a mobile device.

For the rest, Yahoo Answers Now is a social network’s Q & A community. You can ask whatever you want, and other people will answer. The community is responsible for voting for the best answer, whether for its merits or because they thought it was the funniest answer. In the same way, if you want to, you can spend the afternoon answering other people’s questions.

Yahoo Answer Now is totally free and available for a download on the Play Store. The only limitation we have notices it has by the time we write this is that the app is only available in English; so, for someone whose first language is not English and can’t speak it very well, this would be an issue. However, we have no doubts, future upgrades will bring more languages available.