World Around Me: Know everything around with Android

The expected Google Play Awards were held, which have been referred to as the Oscars of applications, and where they have shown the best apps and games launched last year. Many have been the awardees, because several categories were rated, but there are always some that stand out more than others, and in that situation is World Around Me, which has been awarded early adoption of technology.

World Around Me is an android application that allows us to know everything that is around us, wherever we are. You can find from bars, banks and gas stations, to churches or even where we can have Wi-Fi. It is an app rather aimed for travelers and tourists, but that does not mean that the natives can not use the app in the cities or towns to find something they need at that time.

The operation of the application is very simple. When you enter the menu, the first thing you see is a catalog of all services and activities that can find around you with this program. Of course, first of all the GPS of your phone must be enabled, as it is the main tool that enables this app to function correctly. Once activated, you must focus on what you want to find.

World around me function

If you have already decided what you want to search, go to the Finder magnifying glass in the top right corner, where you can write what you want voice or dictate if you do not want to write. At that time, the application will prompt you to put the device right in front of your face, and from their places and services will appear in augmented reality according to what you wanted to find.
There is not only the ability to view all options in augmented reality, but you can choose to view them on a map or just a list.

Imagine you’ve found the mall you wanted, now you must click on that option and another menu appears with all the information of the establishment: business hours, phone number, go to the website, photos and a map to learn more or less where to be found, customer reviews and other users, and even the distance that separates you between you and the mall.

Going back to the main menu, if you look at the upper left corner you will see three horizontal stripes, when pressed it will become a drop-down menu, where you can find the configuration section to regulate all parameters to your liking, share locations with friends and also to qualify the application service.