Wifimapper: Find wifi all over the world

WifiMapper already existed in the iPhone, but has finally come to Android. With what is perhaps the largest database of free Internet access points (500 million) data, wireless Mapper is an excellent tool for when you want to save some data on your phone.

Using OpenSignal information, the application will show free Internet access points nearby when we have the app. We will also give you information if we need to register, or if there is a time limit, and even give us details about the security of the network (is it WPA2? is it an open network -? If so do not forget to activate a VPN)

The advantage of Android versus the same application on iPhones, is that we can just give a “tap” to the access point on the list, and Android will automatically connect, and view a list of previously used access points.


Of all the apps that function as point directory Free Wifi, Wifimapper still seems the best and most complete. It is very practical when we are traveling in another city.

The application still does not have offline maps, so initially you will need a data connection for free Wifi points nearby. This however is something that will come soon to the app, though probably a payment section, as in iOS. If you tend to travel often, it is a worthwhile purchase.

Meanwhile, enjoy free app and save their data plans WifiMapper!