Wattpad – Free Books in your personal walking library

Wattpad is an online writing community where users can post their own written works, such as stories, poems, articles, and all you can think about, and read, comment or vote other user’s work, either through the app or the website. All user-generated content is submitted by this platform’s users, who are all equally able to publish and share their work.

All stories on the platform are free, so writers don’t really get paid for writing their stories; however, if their story becomes popular enough, Wattpad might contact them through an agent to get it published. Now, publishing your work on Wattpad is rather easy, both on the website and the mobile Wattpad app. A way to gain popularity is competing in the Wattys, a small contest held by Wattpad; anyone on the platform can compete, so everybody has equal chances of winning the award, of course, in dependence of the popularity and votes their story gets.

How to use Wattpad app

After downloading and signing up, or logging in, you’ll realize the app’s interface design is pretty minimalist, but very flashy; especially attractive for the targeted audience, which are teens and young adults. You will also realize that at the bottom of the screen, there’s a little bar: those are sections.

The first one is the Discover section. Here, you will be able to browse through the available content and find thousands of stories to read. You can filter the search by using tags, or by simply tapping on the genre buttons; all stories are classified by genres.

Then, by tapping on the story’s cover, you can get more info about it, among this info you can find a short summary; you can instantly start to read it, or add it either to your private library or your public list.

The second section is your library.

Wattpad preview

In here you’ll find all the stories you’ve added to it, and you can organize it to your liking. One of Wattpad’s greatest advantages is that once you’ve added a story to your library, you can read it offline; you don’t need data or WiFi to do this. However, the rest of the interactions do require an Internet connection.

The third section is the notifications.

This section, in turn, is divided in three other sections: notifications, newsfeed, and inbox. Remember, after all, Wattpad is an online community, some sort of social media. You can interact with other users.

The fourth and last section is your profile.

 You can change all your profile and personalize it to your liking, You will also see here your followers, your stories (if you’ve published any), and much more info.