The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Android

The Walking Dead is so much more than a TV show or a comic: it is part of the pop culture; it has become a reference for those who love the genre. A fan could proudly claim The Walking Dead has hooked more than 14 million people, having them watching and waiting for every episode

Now, when you’re that renowned and have that potential, it is pretty common (you’d actually expect it) to expand your empire towards other products to enlarge the earnings and in the meantime draw new audiences.

The video games sector could be a perfect target if that’s what you’re aiming; now, The Walking Dead has benefit from it. It has have all kind of adaptations on both the comics and the series, such as the Telltale Games’ video games, which had a striking success and became one of the franchise’s references.

So, it wasn’t a surprised when the new Android game, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, was announced.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Review

Walking dead preview 1

What we got here is a game that somewhat attempts to offer a gameplay based on action sequences that could kind of remind you of ta mashup of turns role games and strategy games, where timers consume most of your gameplay time. So, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land might not transmit the storyline’s thrill, but it might as well be a darn good game in its genre. You could even enjoy the game.

One would say that, on the contrary of the comic’s and the TV show’s storyline, the objective of the game is to create and keep together a group of survivors, taking care of one another and stay firm as a team.

Basically, you’ll form a group of mercenaries who take care of their fellows, but that’s not exactly it. Progressively, the weaker one will be dismissed, and only the strongest ones, the capable and agile will remain in the world where just the toughest guys make it.

Throughout the levels, from time to time your characters will face hordes of zombies that will attempt to impede them to progress. It’s not impossible to deal with it, but it certainly has its difficulty level.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land free to play

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The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land might not sound too original, but it is fun and attractive.

The app is available on Google Play, so you can download it, for free on any of your Android devices; if not, it can also be downloaded from the App Store on a iOS device.