Tricky Test 2: Think Outside the Box

So you think you are very clever? Are you one of those people who take pride on their intelligence? You might even be quite smart, but how good are you at thinking outside the box? Well, you can find out with one of Orangenose Studio’s most popular games, Tricky Test 2!

Tricky Test 2 Facebook Edition consist of a series of clever puzzles and riddles; the game itself is a brain teaser and it seems to defy our minds in many senses, as it requires particular ways of thinking in order to get an answer. The objective of the game is to complete the puzzle without being tricked, which might be a bit hard, so that then go to the next one, but, you’ll see, getting the correct answer won’t be as easy as it will look like. They are a real challenge to someone’s IQ.

Tricky Test 2 Features

Tricky Test 2 android

Tricky Test 2’s controls are pretty simple; you’ll just have to tap, drag or swipe objects. By doing those things, and using your head, you will be able to get yourself through the different levels that compose this deceiving trivia.

To complete each level, you have to think as quickly as possible and get the right answer. If you make a mistake, don’t worry too much, but don’t let yourself relax too much either: you’ll have five lives, but you’ll lose one every time you make a mistake. Once you run out of lives, you’ll have to go back and redo previous stages. Also, at the beginning of the game, you will be granted 450 IQ points, and you’ll lose one every time you make a mistake as well. If you make it till the end of the game with 140 or more of those points within 90 minutes, you will be declared as a true genius!

Tricky Test 2 Review

Tricky Test 2 android 1

Indeed, Tricky Test 2 does contain certain head-scratchers on purpose, so that you have it more difficult to get that genius title at the end, but with a little patience, focus, and thought, you will surely make it! However, if you have enough coins, you will always be able to buy a clue, or the answer.

For sure, you won’t get bored with Tricky Test 2 Facebook Edition app, even when you’ve completed all the level, since they’re added 20 new stages per week! You can download this app for free on the Google Play Store on your Android device. Come on, take the challenge and have some fun!