The Trail: A Frontier Journey with Android

Talking about this new android game means to talk about its creator, the English video game creator and designer, Peter Molyneux, famous for sagas such as the Fable saga. Either you love or hate his work, you have most likely heard of it before, as it is kind of hard to ignore; this won’t be an exception.

With a beautiful art work, a simple design and an incomparable soundtrack, we might possibly be in front of a milestone of the mobile video games industry. The attractiveness of this app cannot be denied.

The Trail – A Frontier Journey Features

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“I am confident that, regardless of whether they play five minutes or five hours, they will keep thinking about their journey through The Trail, even when the screen is off”, stated Molyneux himself about his most recent work. Now there’s only left to give it the opportunity to see the results.

The Trail is a “free to play” exploration game and it offers users the ability to interact with other users to advance. We take the place of a pioneer in the new world; with nothing more than what we can carry, we have to explore a vast world of natural landscapes such as mountains or deserts.

As we survived, we find resources and information to create new artifacts that could help us along the way. In this game, the goal is not just to survive, but to progress.

In The Trail, as you progress, your goals will be to find new settlements and contribute to its growth, and go earn yourself a reputation among the rest of the players. Thus, you’ll earn a name and this will help you to advance a lot, even become a village chief.

The Trail – A Frontier Journey Review

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Trade, explore, survive, discover and progress: all in a world of great beauty, with a natural environment that will catch and touch your imagination.

For casual gamers or those who like to spend hours on the screens of their devices. It is a title that fits all tastes and that promises much; especially because of that cooperation thing between users to improve the community.

The Trail It’s just a unique title to which you should at least there simply give a try. Many have already done so, and even though it has been for just a few days on the Play Store, it has already been downloaded more 100 thousand times, without any advertising or hype, as it usually happens with many games. Well, we just wait, see how it does, and what’s to come for this promising diamond in the rough.