Top Best MMORPG For Android 2017

Best MMORPG For Android 2017

Many of us have been lovers of this great genre for many generations, the MMORPG games are for real passionate lovers of the same, since they require a lot of hours to be invested on it in order to be the best. But this is definitely a genre of which nobody ever gets tired and so even if it’s just for a few free hours you have due to summer holidays, it is worth to download one of the Best MMORPG for Android.

We looked for the best games in the MMORPG genre, role-playing games that make everyone enjoy all on a basis of improvements and developments of the characters, and action, lots of action and adventure. We’ll show you 5 games within this category that will give you lots of fun since the very beginning.

Some of the top best MMORPG games for Android

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption: We’ll start with what’s probably the Best Android MMORPG: it is the sequel to one of the pioneers of the genre for mobile devices, Order & Chaos, by the famous developer Gameloft, which never let us down with any game. Years, however, had consolidated the title as an unforgettable classic for many, but as time went by, Order & Chaos started staying behind in comparison to new MMORPGs for Android that were out in the market, especially when we talk about the graphics. Because of that, Gameloft brought us this second installment, where in addition to having improved the graphics of the same, they have as well introduced many important improvements and more classes.


Dark Legends: Few games step out of the MMORPG genre with an atmosphere of medieval fantasy, in good part because that is exactly what fans want, but another option wouldn’t hurt for when we want something a little different, and that is why we have included this Dark Legends as an extra in this list, since on it, instead of being a knight, a rogue, a magician or any other creature proper from any Lord of the Rings book, we are going to embody a vampire. But this vampire has super speed and a good variety of weapons to destroy vile demons; it’s something very different and that definitely has to be on this top as one of the most interesting to try.


Arcane LegendsArcane Legends is one of the most important RPG game for Android, since it was also one of the pioneers in this genre on this operating system. Arcane Legends has all the elements that a good MMORPG for Android should have; a great variety of classes different to choose from, many dungeons and creatures waiting to be killed, frequent updates, personalized characters, loving pets that may help you during combat. In general, this game has everything to hook you up for hours to your Smartphone.


Evilbane: And now we go to the other end to, instead of recommending a classic, name the most recent on the list, since Evil Bane has been out only a few months, which makes it practically at a premiere in comparison. In any case, don’t be afraid that because it is the last to join the list it is still too green or stays short in content, because, as you would find out if you gave it an opportunity, it has a huge world to discover, a huge variety of dungeons to explore and thousands of options to equip our hero. And what better moment to join such a promising MMORPG than this current one, making sure that in a not so distant future, it will be among the kings of the genre. What better time than when it is so recent?


Iruna OnlineGoing back again to classics, we’ll meet once more with this title and it is Iruna Online: this is one of the most classical and solid MMORPG for Android of the market, therefore, it has a decent base of players with who we will find in the four different kingdoms in which game is divided with some very interesting graphics that might remind many to Japanese manga. Players will battle monsters to increase their levels and improve their skills, different for each class.


Dungeon Hunter VTo close with a final flourish, we name another jewel by Gameloft, which personally, for us, is one of the Best MMORPG Games for Android ever, a game with constant updates and also very powerful graphics and gameplay, a great contender to fight against Order & Chaos 2: Redemption for this list’s first place.

Its game style provides the perfect balance between killing pretty much everything that gets in your way with a hack ‘n’ slash hint to which we are so used and which players love and a crafting system for equipment that provides enough to encourage us repeat missions nonstop hoping to get lucky in the loot. Without forgetting what really matters; the possibility of playing with and against players from all over the world within its game modes.

Their top graphics, worthy of any minor MMORPG for PC, along with the comfortable playability it has thanks to the its controls quick response make Dungeon Hunter 5 MMORPG essential in our mobile phones and tablets.



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