To The Moon: A wonderful and brilliant pixel-graphics indie adventure

To The Moon for Android: the best interactive history ever

Games are not only about action in abundance, or platforms and adventures. Gamers can also exclusively devote themselves to tell us a story. The limit is in the developers’ imagination, and the rise of independent games has brought us many awesome games. A clear example of this is To the Moon.

Today we go back to 2011 to find one of those games. After a long time of availability for PCs, having brought many good moments, it almost falls into oblivion; now, To The Moon makes its debut on Android. A game with a pixeled aesthetics that tells a beautiful story, and that has made many cry.

With To The Moon for Android, we aren’t talking about just any indie game, but about one that has earned significant recognition. Such as the GameSpot recognition for best story of the year 2011, surpassing even some games by professional, consolidated companies like Katherine.

This great game managed to shine with very peculiar 90s styled graphics, or lately called pixel art. In fact, the game was made with RPG Maker; a tool at everyone’s disposal, both by availability and degree of knowledge required for its management, which is almost zero.

To The Moon features

to the moon for android

The game was developed by Kan Gao, a Canadian designer and composer, alongside his company, Freebird Games.

To the Moon for Android’s plotline is focused in the near future, where there is a technology that can explore and modify the memories of a person. A company called Sigmund Corp. uses this technology to offer a service to people who are just about to die; it allows them to fulfill a wish. They do it by modifying their oldest memories, to create a lifetime of memories where that desire has been fulfilled.

In our story, the patient is Johnny Wyles, an old man who, sick and dying, hires the company for them to fulfil his deepest, strongest desire: to go to the moon. And although he can’t really why is that, they have to implement the necessary memories finally make him “go to the moon”. “They”, are two Sigmund Corp’s employees.

Doctors Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts’ task will be to get into Johnny’s mind and explore some of his most important memories. They’ll start with the most recent to then move on backwards; therefore, starting with his recent memories as an elder, till reaching his childhood. The game, then, can be of the liking of people with some degree of healthy voyeurism, or those who like long, beautiful love stories.

The story is exciting and holds quite a few surprises; at the same time as Eva and Neil, we get to know more about Johnny’s: his relationship with the River, her strange disease, Anya and her identity, and where the whole story comes from. Truth is it has a nice script for a game that consists of tying ropes. Alongside a few puzzles here and there, to spice things up.

To The Moon for Android Review

to the moon android review

These puzzles mostly ones come out at the end of the small stages we’ll be encountering; they’re not overly complicated, but they can be exasperating, indeed.

The rest of the time, we’ll have to move through different scenarios depending on what we are asked for. So, of course, there aren’t fights nor or too many options, but we can move through the scenarios, see more, or go straight to the point. We are telling you now it’ll be a game without too much distress.

However, it’s a chance chance for anyone who didn’t know this great game from its PC version. They can now enjoy this beautiful adventure on their mobile devices. It’s pretty recent; you can be some of the first to play. It has a price $4.88, which it is really worth. Especially for this great, great game. To the Moon for Android promises to be the best we can get this year.

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