Titan Brawl: A new way to play Moba Games

There are no doubts the latest trend on the online gaming industry were the moba. In recent years, this type of game became really popular with the cutting-edge, famous DOTA and then its spiritual predecessor, LOL, which is nowadays one of the most popular games around world; there isn’t the slightest doubt of that.

The mobile games industry has noticed this trend and has put a lot of effort to achieve giving mobile gamers a fun experience with games of a similar nature.

Moba is currently a category in boom on mobile devices, and there are many games that promise but none that have so many expectations and that have as much potential as Titan Brawl.

Titan Brawl Features

Titan brawl android

Titan Brawl is a mobile MOBA that redefines a little the concept many had on this type of games for mobile devices. It was released a pair of months ago and it has already harvest more than 100 thousand users around the world and their reviews are quite favorable; it all indicates that this new game can put moba for mobile devices  at the forefront

Currently, the game is a MOBA PvP where 2 players face each other, each one on a side of the screen, defending their Tower, which is classic in this type of games.

The innovation of Titan Brawl lies on the user being able to control more than one character simultaneously in two lines that go parallel on the screen, where they can launch their attacks and defend themselves from their enemies, which is bit common in this world.

Another of Titan Brawl’s fundamental features is the duration of the games: creators, taking into account that the app is destined to mobile users, made the duration of last a few minutes, from 3 to 4, to be a little more exact.

This seems pretty good, considering the mainly casual nature of mobile gamer; this duration seems to be the most appropriate.

Titan Brawl Review

Titan Brawl gameplay android

Much action, synthesized in a few minutes of game, many characters, the possibility of choosing what nature you want for your heroes; simply, a winner recipe. Let’s just wait a while and see how the updates do, since it seems to be in discussion the possibility to get 2 vs 2 games, which would make the game much more interesting.

For now, enjoy what there is so far and play this game that promises so much.