Tigerball brings addiction assured

We continue searching the most addictive games for Android, which usually are simple games, the ones called casual games for Android. In my daily search, I have found this wonderful game under the name of Tigerball. I’m so addicted and in love with this little game.

Tigerball is a game you can download for your Android officially from the Google Apps Store. A game of a casual style which will make you impossible to play just one time. It will make you spend long hours playing, accompanied or by your own, trying to beat the scores you get.

Now we give you, beside from all the details on this fantastic game for Android, what you can confirm for yourself by looking at the attached video with which we began this post, the direct link to the free download of it from the Google Play Store itself.

What does offer us Tigerball for Android?

Tigerball for Android gives us the peculiarity of the classic game to announce the ball to try to advance through a universe full of color and elaborated graphics that are divided into 100 levels spread across twenty different worlds, which are complicated and that so and how we move forward in the game and level up.

It is a very easy game to play, but the laws of physics will affect the result of it. We will be surprised of touching screen of our Android, which will react to the force with which we press the smartphone…

Tigerball Gameplay

Tigerball, a simple and addictive game for Android

How I say, the best of this game for Android is that to overcome your own score you will have to start from the beginning once we run out of bombs and hearts. Also, what makes it great, it is the actual physics of the movement of the ball bouncing off the different stages or levels of the game. Some hearts and pumps that we will be able to go getting with the simple collection of coins. Coins are given to us to when we move forward in the game and they allow us to have more opportunities to advance through it and try to beat our score marks.

Also, the pumps allow us to advance in the game by removing the screen or level that seems impossible or which do not give us anything good, by just clicking on the icon of a pump at the top of the game. Doing it, what we literally get is exploting that screen so we don’t have to play it.

The only downside to my understanding or personal taste of this magnificent and fun game for Android, it is that the music (audio) accompanying the different worlds and levels of Tigerball is not up to the level of the game itself. It, personally reminds me to those bad silent movies.