The Best otome games for Android

Top Best otome games for Android 2017.

Otome videogames (乙女 ゲー, Otome Gemu, or “dating game”) are graphic adventures mainly targeted to a feminine audience. These could be called graphic novels, too, but that wouldn’t be an accurate description; they rather stand out for the quality of their characters and dialogs throughout the story.  Otome games tell love stories between a female protagonist and several male characters. Usually, if not most of the time, there’s a background story, but the protagonist’s love life is the most outstanding element of the story.

You, of course, will be playing as the main character, and the decisions you make will change the course of the story; a character’s play and finale are heavily influenced this. Throughout the story, you’ll be faced to different options, from which you have to make choices. Actions or dialogs; whatever you choose, these will increase or decrease your reputation with a specific character. That, in turn, could change the storyline.

Otome games have become widely popular since the beginning of the century. Considering this, it’s no surprise they’re available for almost every platform; that, obviously, would include smartphones.

There’s a whole huge market for otome game apps for Android out there, there are thousands of these. That’s why we decided to make an article on them: a top best otome game apps for Android, for you to download and play the best mobile otome games for your Android device.

Shall we date? Saga Review.

We could say NTT Solmare Corp, author of the Shall we date? Saga, is responsible for some of the best otome games for Android from the Google Play. The Shall we date? Saga offers players different stories and creative possibilities; anything you’re into, they have a story about it. From pirates and princes to detectives and mythical creatures such as vampires and werewolves: nearly anything you could think of for a romantic plotline.

But for today, we’re mentioning just two of these wonderful otome games, although we do know there are many others that deserve to be mentioned. We would recommend you to check the others out, though.

The Best otome games for Android Shall we date?: Ninja Love Review.

This one is set in the ancient Japan, during the Segonku period. You play a young priestess who runs a peaceful life in a temple until a group of young ninjas show up one day, saying you’re the lost ninja princess they were looking for. You’re a ninja symbol and will grant your clan strength during the war they’re going through.

Now they’ve found you, you’ll have to undergo training to become their leader while you run away from enemy ninjas. Since this is an otome game, you’ll have to choose one of the ninjas to be your trainer and protector. As you would have imagined, this would be your love prospect.

Shall we date?: Ninja Love has one creative, unique story. It surely belongs one of the best otome sagas, but it has earned its fame with hard work; that’s why it’s one of the best otome games for Android.

ninja love review

My Sweet Prince for androidShall we date?: My Sweet Prince Review.

On My Sweet Prince, the protagonist will be traveling aboard for the first time in her life. However, as she steps in this foreign country, she gets her baggage stolen!

She can’t help the robbery, but the thief drops a beautiful bracelet. After that, she goes to the police station to report the incident; but rather than being involved in a boring bureaucratic process, she ends up finding out the bracelet belongs to the country’s king: king Tamir. In a misunderstanding, she’s taken to the palace, but happens to get herself into an unbelievable situation. King Tamir thinks she’s perfect for choosing from his six sons who should be the successor; so, she has to spend some time in the palace to get to know these princes.

As you get to know them, you seem to find a new love prospect in one of them.

My Sweet Prince has the Shall we date? Quality seal; then, it could be considered some of the best otome game apps for Android.

My Sweet Prince review

Kissed by the baddest the bidder reviewKissed by the baddest the bidder Review.

Developed by Voltage, we couldn’t expect anything but the best. So, of course a Voltage game would enter this top best otome games for Android.

On this delivery, you play as a worker in a renowned casino resort in Japan; the hotel hosts the elite of the country, the richest most famous and powerful. Unfortunately, one day you find out a dark secret: in the basement of the resort, there’s a black market auction, attended by the Japanese crème de la crème.

Lost, you enter a room full of expensive, exotic items, and accidently break a crystal statue. Because of this incident, you end up being sold in this auction. At least, you get to choose the person watching over you.

Kissed by the baddest the bidder for android

Metro PD reviewMetro PD: Close to You Review.

Once again, a Voltage game. Therefore, another of the best otome games you could find on the Google Play Store. If you own an Android device and like these games, then you should give this one a try.

This time, you’ll be in the shoes of a young, inexperienced detective who’s just been transferred to this new unit. Even though you’re a rookie, you have to investigate the worrying case of a serial killer that’s haunting the city; to do so, you have to choose a partner to lead the investigation.

The story won’t be just focused only on the protagonist’s love affairs, but will also follow the killer’s investigation’s development.

metro PD for android

Mystic Messenger for androidMystic Messenger Review.

Undoubtedly, Mystic Messenger is by far one of the most original otome games out there. The South Korean Cheritz developer has created one of the most unique, best otome games for Android ever; since it is such a surprising thing, it has entered this top, as it definitely deserves it!

In this game, the main character finds a strange messaging app on her favorite app store and downloads it because why not? After entering the chat, she’s invited to join a chat room full of handsome men.

The most outstanding about Mystic Messenger would be the gameplay, since the game takes place in real time! Sometimes, in order to move forward in the story, you’ll have to lose sleep and hang on till 1 am, to talk to you boo.

Mystic Messenger review



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