Tap by Wattpad: Addictive Chat Stories for Android

Android apps: Tap by Wattpad Stories to Keep You Hooked

Tap by Wattpad

Wattpad, the giant company, when it comes to publishing stories, has a long story itself en sus anales (porque le pregunte a jorge que quiso decir con eso y como que no me entendio o no entendi yo lo que me dijo), including the discovery of now famous writers among its users. Its platform allows users to upload their own stories; short or long, poems, essays and even theses, to share them with millions of readers around the world.
For those unfamiliar with the Android app or the website, its operation is simple. You publish your story, and people read it, vote if they wish and leave comments; if people like it, it will be added to the list of the most read, which is daily updated. The app also features a contest open to anyone who wants to participate. But why are we talking about Wattpad? Well. Lately, the platform has been packed with numerous stories with a quite particular format. And there where is when Tap comes.

Tap by Wattpad Features

Tap by Wattpad review

Tap is an Android app, developed by the Wattpad people. It’s basically an app that can take stories into a different format, a text message format; in that way, people who like reading but are short of time can enjoy sometime an interesting reading. Even if they just have 5 minutes.
The app can offer multiple stories, to which you can easily access and keep on a library. You also count on the possibility of writing and sharing your own story (this feature is not available for everyone yet; only for some selected users, but developers stated that as time (or upgrades) went by, they’ll add several improvements), as well as you can share your favorites with your friends. Tap app is available for free in the Play Store, although its functioning works like freemiun apps. So, unless you pay a membership, you’ll be pretty much limited when using it.


Tap by Wattpad Review

When paying for a membership, you get access to all of the features, as well as stories exclusive for Premium users. Another group of features that are the hitch for making the Android app a profitable benefit.

Though this new Android app is far from being the only one in its kind, it does offer a way to read stories that’s fairly common. Stories are displayed on the screen not as a narrative, but as texts messages that pop up as you tap on the screen – that’s where the name comes from. You have to tap to read the story. Then, you basically read the story as if you were reading someone else’s conversations.
This type of stories may not be attractive to many, but the component of vouyeaurism implicit in it can be attractive for many others; there’s where the developers’ target is.



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