My Talking Hank is the latest app in the popular ‘My Talking’ series of games

My Talking Hank Outfit 7

Outfit 7 has launched the latest installment in its popular “My Talking” games series, and it’s wonderful. After more than 5 billion download, they have finally decided to reward us, the audience, with the cutest character from their whole gamut of characters, Hank the Puppy, in its new game, My Talking Hank app. But this one game won’t be limited to just one thing, so expect a little more from the lovable Hank and his photograph hobby.

Hank is the cutest puppy; you’ll fall in love with it as soon as you lay your eyes on him. Even the icon for My Talking Hank oozes adorability, and it’s immediately lovable. But adorable creatures and its cuteness is perhaps the key to success for My Talking series, so no wonder why they made their newest installment this heart melting, but besides from gripping on Hank’s sweet looks, they’ve added something to the equation to have people keep coming back: collecting animals.

My Talking Hank Features

My Talking Hank apk

On one side, My Talking Hank the dog is about taking care of the angelic character; you’ll have to look after Hank and all his needs. Feed him, take him to the bath, and tuck him into bed. It’s fast and easy, and although it does need some dedication and time, it’s pretty straightforward. Simple. It’s pretty much like a Tamagotchi, but there’s more to the app than that.

What makes things really interesting is the collecting animals part. Don’t worry, it’s not like you’re catching them and putting them into cages. You’re just gonna take pictures! There’s an arena in the surroundings of Hank’s home.; all you have to do is place toys and food around in order to attract them, and then, snap! You take the picture and add it to your collection.

Different items attract different animals, but that’s something you’ll learn over time, as you play, but as a general rule, the more you spend on the item, the rarer the animal you find will be. But each animal takes a while to make their appearance, and that will make you come back constantly.

My Talking Hank Review

My Talking Hank review

Kids (and not so young people) will love My Talking Hank game for its cuteness, but that doesn’t mean it will hook you up for a long time; in the long run, it’s not that great of a game, but it’s okay for a while.

If you’d like to give Outfit 7’s new game a try, you can download from the Play Store for free on any Android device; we’ll leave a link so you can take a look!



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