Super SteamPuff: Massive Destruction

Super SteamPuff: Massive Destruction

This app is one of those games that really makes no sense at all, in which the objective is very clear and is one only: destruction!

When it comes to mobile games, many prefer very well made masterpieces, with intricate stories, or amazing graphics, or even both, with impressive playability and hours and hours of gameplay in a simple app, something like a perfect game; pretty much the same what they are seeking for in console gaming, but for mobile devices. These games do exist, they are meant for mobile devices and they are actually worth it, but having these features, not everyone can enjoy them. So there is this other group of people that what they are looking for in a game is to have fun.

Super SteamPuff Features

Now, when it comes to fun, this app is for your: with its simple operation, Super SteamPuff is able to provide entertainment and fill those empty minutes or hours of the day when you don’t really want to do anything at all. It’s a very simple platform game where we have a character who is advancing through a two-dimensional world, shooting and attacking everything shows up on his way. There isn’t much more to say about what the game is like.

What is something completely different are the lots of additional features you can enjoy if you decide to pay the small, fair amount that Super SteamPuff costs; this game might be all about shooting and moving forward infinitely, but that doesn’t mean the makes it less interesting.

The game features different game modes such as the endless mode, in which you will have to put an end to floods and floods of enemies until you fall; it also has a PVP mode in local network so that you can play with your friends or family, and of course, an online mode you cannot miss.

Super SteamPuff Review

What we find the most interesting about this game are the visuals, because it’s an amorphous amalgam of senseless avatars and enemies chasing you around the galaxy. Unlock different characters and achievements by going along through the game. Improve your arsenal, compare your scores and become the best.

Enjoy the action, funny characters and enemies that this fun game offers, although in terms of what it can offers is ends up not being much, we think that it is worth it due to how entertaining and dynamic it is; it can give you many hours of fun as you try to improve your scores and unlock everything.



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