Super Cat Bros: Adorable Mario-Like Platformer

Super Cat Bros is a graphically nostalgic game that will powerfully remind us of retro games, those we used to play as kids, and its name, a clear reference to Miyamoto’s Super Mario Bros, pretty much explains itself, as the game seems to be inspired on that one aforementioned classic, presenting a few but significant changes.

In this new, cutesy pixelated world, an overly adorable, heroic kitty named Alex goes on an adventure in search of his missing siblings; he’ll submerge himself into a dangerous mission while he explores a mysterious island full of perils throughout more than 50 levels.

Super Cat Bros Features

Super Cat Bros android

In each of Super Cat Bros’ levels, we’ll reincarnate in a furry body and control one of the many interchangeable cats, having to make our character run, jump, swim and climb in order to avoid death and complete the level while it moves around in the 2D different backgrounds.

From time to time, you’ll have to show not only your agility, but also your cleverness by making your way through this risky map and still collect coins, and, of course, by avoiding some monsters.

The game’s objective is pretty clear and straightforward: you have to go over the island, looking for Alex’s siblings, and make it out of each level unharmed.

Super Cat Bros’ controls are simple as well: tap and hold on the left or right side of the screen, in dependence of which way you’d like to move, but a double-tap will make your cat sprint.

Walking into walls will cause your cat to start climbing them, while there’s no “jumping button”; the game will be on charge of automatically make the kitty jump whenever it has to.

Super Cat Bros Review

Super cat bros android 1

As it was already mentioned, there are several interchangeable characters, and each one has a special, unique skill that will help you complete the level, so you must choose carefully which cat you’re going to use.

In more than one occasion, you’ll have to go back and redo a level in order to unlock a new cat, but some other you will find them as you advance in the game.

Super Cat Bros has a nostalgic vibe to it, while at the same time it delights us with this new, purrfect version full of kitten. Considering the retro, cutesy graphics, we could say the pixelated art is quite good and the soundtrack pretty fitting.

This strange remake of Miyamoto’s creation is oddly satisfying, and it’s a good game. If you’d like to try playing it, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.