Suicide Squad: Special Operations Burn them all

You can easily imagine what has caused the theatrical release of the new David Ayer film, based on one of the most popular comics of DC Comics. Suicide Squad, starring some of the most notorious criminals of DC Comics, has been subject to all kinds of controversy about its quality, something that certainly can not be said of this remarkable production for mobile devices.

In Suicide Squad: Special Operations we face a proposal of a first person in total planshooter, in which taking control of three of the best known members of this group of criminals (Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Diablo) players, we must engage endless hordes of monsters in real pitched battles.

Each of the three characters that we can control has its own characteristics, weapons and qualities, and can choose who we want to manage just before starting each successive rounds of fighting that this production puts at stake. Thus instead of traditional phases consist of the title has opted to recreate incessant battles in various rooms of the city (inside the Metro, alleys, etc.) in which the game takes place. A formula that certainly is repetitive after hours but, being a title designed for mobile that is supposed to only play for short sessions (that’s the theory, at least), the defect is much less obvious.

Suicide Squad

Gameplay of Suicide Squad for Android

Returning to the subject of playable characters, we can make use of the rifle and doll pistols from Deadshot, opt for the bat and the gun from Harley Quinn or just play hard and burn everything with Diablo. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, although our last villain seems more balanced. Besides the other two characters always support us during clashes fighting on our side, as they are guided by the CPU efficiently.

As we collect supplies we improve the skills of the players.

How battles unfold?

And, more important in a mobile game, how management responds? For in both cases satisfactorily. To begin with, the rate at which hunts monsters pass is very high and frantic, shaping a very visceral gameplay that does not give us a second respite. And as for the operation, the left and right lower zones allow us to move our character as if they were two sticks, while shooting and the game itself is responsible.

Suicide Squad gameplay 1

Shots are automatic?

Thats right, we should just keep opponents near enough for characters to shoot themselves. Fact that could take something of grace (at least in our opinion), it is also true that it makes things much easier and also takes unnecessary complexity to the system of control. You need to get used to this feature, but it works well.

Special attacks and continuous improvement of skills of the characters work very well.
To all this that I just discussed a couple of interesting elements are added, such as special attacks and continuous improvement of skills of the characters. Thus as we perform combos loading an icon that, when activated, allows us to create chaos for a moment, squeezing the potential of each team member.


In technical terms this is a very catchy title, with excellent modeling and animations for the characters and very showy effects.

In addition and as we overcome different waves we gain access to various supplies sent by the support forces. These resources allow us to improve the skills of the characters in different ways, either by increasing the damage of our arms, optimizing recharge rate and other similar benefits. One more way to add some freshness to an iterative development but it works quite well, making entertaining and also no freemium intrusions outlandish as it does in many other free to play games (as in the present case) displayed continuously on iOS and Android devices.

To finish this analysis and entering in the technical, Suicide Squad: Special Operations shows a level bordering on outstanding. This shooter is not known for the variety of characters, settings and enemies, but they have all been recreated with a very high degree of detail and enjoyable manicured textures. The sound goes unnoticed, although the effects are heard with great clarity and are sufficiently varied.