Stylect A shoeaholics dream

Stylect A shoeaholics dream

Looking for a new pair of shoes? Or are you simply a shoeaholic? Whatever it is, you’ll like this app one way or another; whether you love shoes or just wear them because they are a basic need, this app will ease you the process of finding a new, perfect pair, and you’ll be telling all your girlfriends about it because of its usefulness or simply because of the concept. This treat for the eyes, Stylect, is giving a lot to talk about, but if you’re into the world of fashion, you’ll totally understand the hype

Based on a Tinder-esque UI, this mobile app is helping women all around the world make their show collection bigger. Swipe right if you like what you see, swipe left if you don’t, and eventually, you’ll find the perfect pair thanks to the recommendation engine, which will only recommend shoes similar to shoes you have “liked” in the near past; the addictive system will immediately hook you up.

Stylect App Features

Stylect review

Stylect, this wonderful invention, which is delivered to this world by the hands of the Italian Giacomo Summa, will allow you to discover over 150.000 pair of shoes from brands around the whole world; you can switch or scroll through these, whatever floats you boat.

Whatever pair of shoes you have “liked” will go to your Favorites section or Wishlist. But that’s not it. If a celebrity wore a pair you liked but have no idea what’s the band or the model or where to find them, there’s a possibility they will be displayed on a specific section of Stylect, so stay alert for that!

To start, in order to sign up to Stylect, you have to sign up with your Facebook account, and that’s it: from that moment on, you can start searching shoes on this the so called Tinder for shoes. After that, if you wish, you can keep track of the products you liked, buy them from tons of different websites and get a notification when a pair of shoes you like goes on sale.

Stylect Review

Stylect app

One of user’s favorite trait is that, thanks to geolocation, Stylect will let you know whenever a pair of shoes that’s on your Wishlist is selling on a nearby store. But don’t forget you could purchase them directly from the app; the best part could be that Stylect will let you know as well when a pair you liked is discounted

Download Stylect for free from the Play Store on to any Android device directly from this link down below and have fun with this Tinder for Shoes.



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