Stealing the Diamond: Escaping the Prison,Infiltrating the Airship and Breaking the Bank

Stealing the Diamond: Escaping the Prison,Infiltrating the Airship and Breaking the Bank

Stealing the diamond android

There are so many Stickman games, I’m pretty nobody knows how many they are. I just wonder if there’s anything the poor guy hasn’t done yet, or if there’s a possible way to die he hasn’t died yet.

This time, with Stealing the Diamond, well, it’s pretty obvious what’s he’s going to do.

In Stealing the Diamond, a sequel to Escaping the Prison, after Henry has successfully escaped prison (duh!), it’s time for him again to misbehave and get his way with his mischievous way. A local museum has unveiled its latest exhibit, the Tunisian Diamond, which as soon as our character lays his eyes on, becomes his target. Your goal is to help Henry accomplish his goal, steal the diamond and get out of there with flying colors.

Stealing the Diamond Features

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Right from the beginning, the app is funny as hell. Everything about it is humorous; although the game has a minimalistic style, anything that can express anything at all (the guards, their voices, the dialogues, the facial expressions, and of course, the fails), will make you burst out a laugh or two.

If you’re not familiar with these games, you should know they’re like interactive storyboards – perhaps more of a movie than an interactive story, but still as funny. In every scene, you’ll be given different choices, and you have to choose one of the options, which could be either a one of the 40 unique fails, or it could lead you to the next scenario on a certain path towards one of the 3 endings.

Most of the options will go horribly wrong, so you might have to try two things before moving on, but seeing how your choice put Henry in an atrocious situation is just part of the fun. Fails can get to be so ridiculous you can only laugh.

Stealing the Diamond Review

However, all the effort you’ve made so far in the game won’t be lost if you make a wrong choice; you’ll have the Fail menu, which will allow you to go back the previous choice or if you want to, you can start all over again from scratch, but whatever you do, it’s up to you.

In the same way, whether you take mundane, expected routes in your way to getting the diamond, or more epic, risky routes, that’s as well totally up to you.

You can get the app and download it on your Android device for the humble price of zero dollars; it’s totally free! So go ahead and just download it!