Star Wars Force Arena: half moba, half collectible cards game

Star Wars Force Arena: Star Wars Android games into in the MOBA genre

There are few franchises as big and important as the Star Wars franchise is: it’s everywhere! Pop culture is packed with it; movies, video games, comics, toys, action figures and all kind of collectible goods. It’s rare to find a person who has never watched the movies, or who has no idea at all about the saga, as entertainment nowadays is full of references to this incredible story.

Being the astonishingly relevant element of modern entertainment that it is, Star Wars has of course diversified into anything that’s profitable: video gaming is one of those fields. We can find Star Wars games for almost any gaming console, and among these, although they are not exactly “gaming consoles”, there is, of course, smartphones. There are at least a hundred Star Wars related apps on the Google Play Store, so, if you happen to own an Android device and are a fan of the saga, you must be a pretty lucky person!

Star Wars Force Arena Features

On late 2016, with the release of the saga’s most recent installment, Rogue One, we could not expect less than to have a new game releasing as well. This game is Star Wars: Force Arena, and it’s amazing! As it would be natural to guess, there was a lot of fans waiting for Star Wars: Force Arena release date impatiently, but whether you’re a fan of the science fiction adventure, you will love this game if you’re into MOBA games

That’s right. Star Wars: Force Arena app is based on the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre, one of the most addictive, entertaining genres of them all. NetMarbles’ creation has landed the Play Store not too long ago featuring iconic characters to please fans and give geeks tons to talk about

Star Wars: Force Arena is actually a mash up between MOBA games and collectible cards games, revolutionizing then both genres and creating something quite unique.

On the game, you’ll have to create a team, either with light side heroes or dark side characters (aka good guys or bad guys). Your team (or deck) will be formed of 8 cards, from which one will be the squad’s leader, and the rest of the cards will be your battle squad. Your goal, as you would have already imagined, is to blow the enemy base.

As in any collectible card game, there are all kinds of cards: common, regular cards, rare cards, special cards and legendary cards; each one will be harder to get than the last one, but at the same time, each one will be more powerful than the last one. By now, there are more than 80 different characters and unites from the Far, Far Away Galaxy

Star Wars Force Arena Review

However, one big thing that makes Star Wars: Force Arena games different from other MOBA games is that we’ll be able to control the squad leader and move it around the place, which increases a lot your chances to win. Another upgrade in comparison to MOBA games would that, besides from the individual battles, players will also be able to have 2v2 battles; in order to do that, players will have to join a guild.  So, Star Wars: Force Arena gameplay might exceed your expectations.

You can download the game for a total of zero dollars from the Play Store on your Android device; here’s a link so you can go straight into it. Keep in mind that Star Wars: Force Arena does contain in-app purchases, but you can do just fine without them.



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