Stack: build the infinite tower

Stack is the perfect game to put you, your mind, hands and precision to test.

Simple, yet quite addictive games tend to be utterly successful, and they pack the app market; if you have an Android device and spend quite a long time looking for new things to play, you might want to give Stack a try! Just like many other games its genre, Stack is easy to learn, but hard to master, so it is guaranteed that you won’t get bored of it quickly!

Stack is one of the many games Ketchapp Games has launched, and it is a puzzle, casual game with some kind of arcade feeling; a nearly infinite series of blocks stacking up one another to build a tower as tall as possible. They could be many, if you’re good enough.

Players have to put the next block on top of the other, in the exact same place as the last one, so that it won’t the original size. If it’s not placed in the exact same place, its surface will be cut out in dependence of what you missed: the more you miss, the more the size will be reduced.

Then, as you play as miss some parts that will be cut out, the harder it will be to perfectly stack the blocks and build the tower. Game will be over when your block disappears after as many reductions as it could take.

Stack Features and Review

Stack android

Stack’s controls are pretty simple: you just have to tap. As blocks move back and forward, you’ll have to wait for the perfect moment to stack it up on top of the last block, as it was previously explained. Blocks will be moving neither quickly nor slowly, just at the perfect speed, but it will still be a bit difficult to line them up.  Again, just be careful and try not to miss anything; avoid narrowing your block and build a tower as tall as possible.

Gameplay is mainly based on patience and a good timing, but it doesn’t mean it’s boring. On the contrary, it’s really fun and addictive. Like many other games its genre, Stack scores every game, in dependence of how far you got, which only makes it seem a bit more challenging because it adds that “I want to do better” factor that makes people want to play it.

The game has an aesthetically minimalistic design, of which color change from time to time to stunning different shades. The music has a relaxing effect on players, which I personally think it’s just perfect.

You can download Stack from the Google Play Store for free and start playing right away! Take a deep breath and enjoy this excellent gameplay experience Ketchapp Games offers its users.