Splitter Critters: Swipe and drag Guide this cute, little creatures in this challenging puzzles

Android Games: Splitter Critters Game Review

If there’s something great about the Play Store is that it never runs out of interesting things for you to discover. They always add something new. Then, despite having thousands and thousands of games available on their enormous library, you’ll come across a beautiful, shiny little piece from time to time, hidden somewhere; outstanding among other its kind and impressive to a great extent. It doesn’t matter how many similar games there are, it will shine more than the others.

Splitters Critters is one of those games. The Play Store isn’t exactly running low on puzzle games; especially not on those that use touch based controls. When it comes to mobile gaming, you’ll find pretty much about anything you are looking for. But this game is certainly special with its innovative, creative, cutesy design. Even after you’ve thought you’ve seen it all, you can get surprised by this.

Splitter Critters Features

Your goal in the game would be to guide your cute little characters, adorable critters, back to their spaceship. You’ll see: these small aliens aren’t the brightest. They walk around, back and forth, until they bump into something, and then go back to doing the same. Our job is to make a way for them to their spaceship by swiping our fingers.

That kind of sounds like Lemmings. But Splitter Critters is actually like a mashup between Lemmings and Fruit Ninja.

A single swipe could help these little buddies go home safely, but you need to think carefully. Their spaceship is usually on a different plane of elevation, and they need someone to make a path for them. With a swipe of your finger, you can split aforementioned elevation and place it in a way that our adorable characters can easily jump onto their spacecraft; drag the split area and recreate a different platform. Controls, although simple, can be hard to master; you need a certain, specific knowledge and patience. But mostly, practice. Especially because on each level, things will be different, and eventually, they’ll get harder. However, you can play “at your own pace”, given that there really aren’t move restrictions or a time limit – you just have to get the creature on the spaceship. That’s it.

But if there’s something remarkable about this game is its controls. They are not only very clever, but also extremely unique in comparison to what we’ve seen so far. There will be tons of tons of possibilities, so you need to think twice. And at least be smarter than the critters.

Splitter Critters Review

Don’t worry, though. It’ll start off easy. At the beginning, a simple swipe will be enough; but as you advance through different levels, you’ll start needing more. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself in front on new obstacles. It will start with enemies, then water, lava and other elements that could both help the creation of the path, or ease its destruction.

Splitter Critter’s graphics are absolutely lovely. The minimalistic paper craft art style is just wonderful and terribly adorable; the cutesy looks of this game are simply great. This game proves you don’t need realistic 3D visuals to achieve an amazing game. Despite its 2D graphics, Splitter Critters has everything you could need for a few hours of fun

The original puzzle based game, Splitter Critters, has a fair price tag of $3.04 on the Play Store. These refreshing mechanics and creative, unique gameplay style are nearly begging you to be downloaded; if you are a lover of good, proper puzzle, this is the game for you. You can give it a shot and download Splitter Critters from this link.



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