SoundHound, Shazam’s # 1 opponent


In these last years, song identifying softwares have become so much more popular since the release of the revolutionary Shazam, an app that’s capable of recognize a great repertoire of songs by just listening to them. Let’s say you’re in a bar and you listen to a song you like but don’t know; then you want to know the song’s name to search for it. That’s where you use Shazam and you’ll immediately know what song it is.

Shazam had for a while an indisputable supremacy in the app market for identifying music, but soon a great to-be-defeated opponent called SoundHound showed up, an app that’s able to do what Shazam does but even in the opinion of a great amount of Internet users who discuss what’s the best app for recognizing songs.

Identifying music is a task that’s every time easier with all the new technology and advances. With SoundHound it won’t even be necessary for the song to be on to be recognized; unlike others, this app is able to recognize songs just by simply humming, singing or whistling them. As incredible as it sounds, it has a pretty high right answer percentage.

How to use SoundHound

It’s very simple to use it: we just have to press the most noticeable button we have on the screen while the app is open and then it’ll start recording the sound (the option to record the background music is available, too).

The only problem we could find it is that this app’s free version has a lower chance to find the name’s song than the paid version, but we’ve personally tried it and we’ve found almost everything we’ve looked for.

Just like Shazam, with SoundHound you’ll be able to share the songs quickly on your social media.

¿Shazam or SoundHoun?

SoundHound vs Shazam

Users who are used to Shazam might find it a little hard to use the app at the beginning given that the interface is totally different between the two of them. The song-recognizer SoundHound will offer a completely used-adjustable profile in which you’ll be able to keep previous searches and favorite extracts.

Shazam or SoundHound, our recomendation is to have them both. Shazam is a Pioneer and its capacity to recognize music is really surprising, even greater than SoundHound’s capacity; but if SoundHound suprasses its predecessor it’s because its ability to recognize music by just humming or whistling it, without mentioning that in the search of less famous, underground artists, its right guess levels become even higher in this field.