Snakebird: Is a colourful puzzle game by developer Noumenon Games

Snakebird: Is a colourful puzzle game by developer Noumenon Games

If you’re old enough to have owned a mobile phone and not a smartphone, then it is very likely that you remember that game about a snake that everyone highly praise and love, being a legend among a generation; you know which one we’re talking about. Snakebird might strongly remind you of it.

Taking the first look, Snakebird is probably completely deceiving. The brightly colored cute graphics and the adorable snake-bird hybrids lead you to think this is a certain kind of game, when it’s actually not.

Snakebird, although having some of the most beautiful looks in the market, seems to be designed by some sort of sadist; it is super tricky, but once you figure out how to handle all those controls and strange creatures, you start to understand the true genius of the puzzles.

Snakebird Features

Snakebird android

Although it looks attractive as hell, don’t be fooled: this is no casual puzzler game.

The goal of every level is to eat all the fruit and get your little snakebird (or snakebirds) into a portal. If you one of your snakebirds is left behind, you’ll have to start all over again, or backtrack some moves.

Now, the basics are pretty much like that old Snake game, the one we mentioned before, but there are a few things that are a bit different. Whenever your little character eats a piece of fruit, it gets larger, just like in Snake, but sometimes this matter might become a bit tricky, because you might have to follow a certain, specific path. However, once the fruit has been all eaten, the portal is opened and you can get the hell out of there and end the level.

At least, as your mascots die over and over again as you play those unbelievable hard levels, you comfort yourself and stay somewhat relaxed thanks to the cutesy art style. Or as we said, until you figure out the game’s physics, which is in fact the hardest part of the game.

But be warned, Snakebird likes to keep it interesting by adding new mechanics every once in a while; however, don’t give up just yet, because although finding out most of the things is up to you, the process is fun.

Snakebird Review

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There are 53 levels to play, and the difficulty of each of them will depend on the player, also, the map is non-linear, so you kind of never know what’s next

You can download Snakebird on your Android device for free from the Play Store, just remember, be ready for some of the hardest puzzles experiences you could have.