Slayaway Camp: Unique puzzle game that looks like an 80s movie!

Slayaway Camp: A killer puzzle game where you control Skullface

For a long time, there has been this debate whether video games are too violent or not, and how they affect kids. Whether these are any good for the young minds or not. And plenty of arguments, evidence, and good points have been discussed to validate each opinion; so far, t’s been a though fight between two nearly strong contenders. You can find lots of information on the topic on the Internet, in case you want to do some research.

Independently of what side you take on this exchange of opinions, you’ll agree this is a pretty tight battle. And if there is something that can heat up the debate, it’s games like Slayaway Camp. You can be sure, in fact, the app has already been featured in several threads; and this is going to be another of those times it will be featured on a website. Except, for this occasion, we won’t be discussing whether Slayaway Camp is too violent or anything along the lines. Today here on Reviewdapps, we’ll be writing a review on it.

Slayaway Camp Features

Slayaway Camp review

However, to start, we do need to say this game does glorify itself in blood. Full of cute, cubic characters, Slayaway Camp drips references to those 80’s horror movies (besides from tons of blood and guts); but there’s more to it than just senseless violence – it doesn’t matter how you wanna see it, this is a puzzler to all intents. So, you’ll have to put your brains to work as you play the psychotic character.

You’ll walk in the shoes of a Lego-esque looking murderer. Through a checkerboard-like map, you’ll have to move your character in order to slay all the unaware victims and then head to the exit; that would be your goal in the game. Kill everyone and then leave without being seen.

Slide your blocky murderer to his target so he gets to end someone’s life in the most imaginative way. But be careful how you approach your victims, or they might see you and run away! If you did make sure to be extra stealthy, then you’ll be rewarded with a bloodbath and a sight to the most bizarre ways to die. However, the strangest and coolest are reserved for an purchase with in-game money; if you want to see those, you’ll have to buy them, but keeping the standards deaths won’t affect your gameplay at all. And it definitely won’t make Slayaway Camp app duller! After all, this is mostly about an intellectual challenge in form of a sliding block puzzle.

Slayaway Camp Review

Slayaway Camp for android

Slayaway Camp starts off easy. At the beginning, you’ll only need a few moves and a little straightforward logic to finish a level. But as you keep playing, things start getting a little more complicated; telephones, cats, fires, police. All these elements added up make your way to the exit a little harder. Here’s when things get really challenging. From then, you’ll have to carefully plan your moves to your victory, and really think things through, as more things are added to the map, the more rules take effect.

There is indeed an in-game currency, but no in-app purchases at all. You can get coins when finishing each level, as you get a bonus. There’s even an extra mode where you get bonus kills over and over; the more you kill, the more coins you get. So, if you’re struggling for funds, you can turn to this.  At least, let’s expect they’ll keep it like that with the Android version.

So, would you like Slayaway Camp to hit the Play Store soon? If you like the looks of it, let us know in the comments down below!



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