Skyward: A great journey to the sky starts with a single step

Developed by Aya Gemes and released by KetchApp, Skyward has become part of the long list of this company’s hits, so if you have any Android or iOS device, listen up.

Skyward is an incredibly entertaining one-touch button puzzle game that combines several of the player’s favorites features; it certainly reaches user’s expectations in respect with graphics and sounds, a somewhat difficult task after KetchApps’ previous success Monument Valley. Although relaxing, the music can become a bit annoying or dull, but the game certainly does have their signature on it.

Skyward features

Skyward Android

Representing a challenge, Skyward has been catapulted on the market to leave an important mark, just like many of its successors – thanks to its addictiveness trait; it could be hardly ignored once heard of it.  Players’ frustration is an important part in Skyward’s success, and that’s why they keep coming back to play. It’s part of its charm, but you need good reflex, concentration and a fast mind

The goal of the game is to build a tower as high as possible, and the challenge is to surpass your previous record. Skyward’s gameplay revolves around two orbiting dots, floating around each other; one dot must land on a surface, while the other keeps floating until you find it suitable to make it land on somewhere else, but don’t think too much of it, don’t wait for the perfect moment.

Otherwise, your dot will eventually disappear, and that would be the end of the game; you can only let it rotate two times on its full circumference before it vanishes. As you move forward, the pace will accelerate, and you’ll have to think and react faster!

Skyward Review

Skyward Android 2

Dots can land on different squares; each one will have a different power: they can make you go slower, or on the opposite, faster, or they can make your rotation go on the opposite direction. If you ever step on one of those (which you eventually will, of course), you gotta pay extra attention! But don’t think of preparing a strategy for the terrain, because the background will be constantly changing and you won’t be able to predict what it will look like.

You can download Skyward for free on the App Store, if you have an Android device; you won’t have to spend a penny, as it doesn’t even contain in-app purchases, it’s just loads of fun and an engaging gameplay!