Skyhill: Classic survival horror android game

Zombie games aren’t impressive anymore. The list of games about this topic is way too long; there’s just too many of them. So, in order to have success, a game must be special and unique, offer something completely new other game cannot give users. Or at least, something worth mentioning. Skyhill is one of those games you can’t just scroll past and forget easily.

Skyhill’s plot starts with a man living in times of war. As the third world war is developing out there, he’s in a hotel, in a gorgeous penthouse suite with a perfectly functioning biohazard protection system, as he doesn’t seem to be too affected by it.

But then a news broadcast interrupts his day. A bomb falls shortly after that. As a result of that incident, horrible mutant creatures, rests of something that used to be human, are now crawling on the city, and your character is running low on supplies, so he has two options: he can either die a slow death inside, or he can go outside and try his luck.

Skyhill features

Skyhill android

Then, the goal is pretty straightforward: you have to get out the hotel. The only problem was that the man was staying on a 100th floor, so he has a long way to go, and of course, you will encounter the mutants along the way.

In order to accomplish Skyhill goal, you mostly need to take strategic decisions, but you will also have to fight monsters from time to time. Each enemy will be different, so you can decide on different attacks. As you keep going downstairs, you may find supplies and items on certain rooms, but that’s only a possibility: you can’t know what’s on a room until you open the door.

Just keep in mind that if it is a locked door, you just have a certain amount of keys, and you could find something you need, like bandages, painkiller, or food, or then, you might find nothing at all, just an empty room.

However, you’ll get to craft the base items and the things you have in order to get more powerful weapons or more satisfying meals

Skyhill Review

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In Skyhill, death is permanent. Once you die, you have to start all over again. But as you play, you will become able to unlock some perks you can apply at the beginning of the game that will help you get a little further.

In general, it’s a great gameplay experience, and it’s slightly different from the thousand zombie games you can find, so you should probably give it a try. You can download it to play on your Android device from the Play Store for the fair price of $3.27. As it is paid, it does not content in-app purchases.