Sky Dancer: Beautiful endless runner game

Sky Dancer: the endless runner game you can’t miss

Sometimes, one could think video games were made for us to live our wildest fantasies; whether you want to win a World Cup, be in the army and see some real, intense action, slay fantastical creatures or engage yourself in a quest for a magical item, you can find a video game about that. Also, video games can imitate reality; they might not be exactly what you’d see in your everyday life, some games are certainly based on real life. If you’re into parkour and have ever practiced it, you’ll easily see how many video games will lend elements from this sport.

Yes, you’ll see tons of video game indirectly trying to imitate this. One of those video games, we could say, is Sky Dancer, where you’ll be jumping from cliff to cliff, dodging obstacles and just running around in general. The auto runner Sky Dancer is a strangely calming game, but its most outstanding feature would be its tweaked auto running system; this could instantly catch your attention with its gorgeous graphics, but it’s the gameplay that’ll hook you up.

Sky Dancer Features

If the last one sounds like your deal, then auto-runner Sky Dancer is almost definitely up your street, with coins, leaps, and unfortunate deaths aplenty.

Sky Dancer app is basically an endless runner game, different enough from your typical game of this gender, but not different enough to be called revolutionary. However, it is indeed rather enjoyable and one lovely game. This visually striking game is all about making your character jump from platform to platform while dodging rocks and collecting coins; it will be a run full of leaps, coins, and frights of not knowing whether that long fall killed you or not.

The game’s controls are pretty simple, anyone who’s ever played a runner before will know how to manage this: swipe or tap left to go to the left, swipe or tap right to go to the right, and you can jump by tapping on both sides of the screen at the same time. Controls are impressively responsive, so if you crash, the fault won’t be on them.

Sky Dancer Review

But Pine Entertainment’s Sky Dancer has one strong feature, what grabs most people’s attention (myself included): that’s its looks. Its smooth, colorful graphics will bombard your senses and instantly make you fall in love with the Vietnam based developer’s minimalist style.

There’s 10 Sky Dancers available you can collect and pick from, and apparently, more will be added in future upgrades. While you can download and play for free, there are still some in-app purchases, but they are not necessary at all and they won’t have any consequence on your gameplay experience if you don’t get them

You can download this flashy looking app from the Google Play Store for free on your Android device: we’ll leave a link down below if you want to try it out.



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