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Android Games – Shooty Skies: old school shmup game

We have heard before about the Australian based video game developer Hipster Whale thanks to its biggest hit, Crossy Road. After that incredible success, Matt Hall and Andy Sum met fame and glory. However, there’s another independent Australian based video game developer the industry hasn’t heard about too much; that’s Mighty Games, proud creator of Charming Keep.

But now, both teams, under the leadership of the Australian Ben Britten, have come together and joined forces. This can be appreciated on Shooty Skies, the final result of this collaboration, and it’s a perfectly balanced total mashup of both team’s styles.

Shooty Skies is in a lot of ways a remembrance of the past of video games. Mostly on the main genre that leads the gameplay, the shoot em up genre. Or commonly called shmup games.

Shooty Skies Features

Shooty Skies review

This genre seems to have existed since the very beginning of the video gaming industry, taking Contra and Space Invaders as examples of its early, primitive existence, but it has now evolved into something different.  Nowadays, it’s closer to what we know as its modern equivalent, bullet hell games.

With this project, Hipster Whale and Mighty Games group have gone a little back in time, Shooty Skies would be closer to original version of this shmup genre. But don’t let that fool you: if the game could be described in one word, that would be chaotic. Although it might seem easy at first glance, its difficulty level pays tribute to its antecessors.

Shooty Skies is a quirky endless arcade shooter, and it uses the same cutesy style as Crossy Road; it’s all blocky critters, pixelated characters and scenery. Following the same visuals as Hipster Whale’s hit, Shooty Skies app has guaranteed a thing or two.

The arcade game puts you in command of an aircraft loaded with shooting guns and different projectiles, flying around, surrounded by a wide, varied assortment of foes. You, the player, control this aircraft with your fingertips; you just have to drag your fingers in the direction you want the aircraft to move. The ship will automatically shoot as you fly, but if you lift your finger, it will shoot a barrage of missiles – these projectiles could go from axes to hamburgers to dollar bills, even a tow truck missile.

Shooty Skies Review

As the standard guns are weak, you’ll face an interrogative throughout the whole game: shoot or charge? The constant stream of bullets will do for smaller foes, but when facing bigger enemies, this question will regain strength. Charging up would leave you vulnerable for a little while as you become unable to move, but this is an option that needs to have its pros and cons balanced in dependence of the current situation.

However, if you end up sucking at Shooty Skies gameplay, you could still enjoy the game. By collecting all the cute characters. As soon as you get the hang on it, you start feeling the compulsion of completing your collection. Including the infamous Time Cat or Party Bear, or Reviewdapps Team’s favorite, Coolthulu. These blocky characters can be bought in exchange of an in-game currency; at the same time, you can easily earn this with several opportunities the game offers, like in Crossy Road.

If what you’ve read has convinced you, you can download Shooty Skies free game on the Play Store clicking on this link.



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