Send Anywhere: Spend less time sending your files and more time enjoying them

Sending files from Android terminals is one of the most common things nowadays; either you do it through a messaging application or simply by email. But sometimes, this is something that can turn out to be quite exasperating if the Internet connection is not of a good quality, or simply if it’s not possible to give it an usual use as you don’t have a normal access to the it. In this case, Send Anywhere can be a great lifesaver.

This development has in the WiFi Direct use the way that allows us to troubleshoot a unbearable Internet connectivity, because with this transmission method, it is possible to communicate your phone or Android tablet to other devices with the same operating system and compatible computer operative systems as well.

With a rather constant, high rather, Send Anywhere is possible to use at any time and place to send files taking enough time to be found desperately annoying.

Send Anywhere features

Send anywere android

With Send Anywhere, it’s possible to transfer all kinds of content without losing absolutely no information, in different ways.

First of all, when we say “all kind of content”, we truly are speaking about to all type of content. We mean it. Any file to which you have access on your Android; it doesn’t matter what kind it is, it’s “sendable”.

If you have root access, it will be all the files that comprise your smartphone or tablet, while if you don’t, you will have access to a 90%, but system files, as for any other use you’d like to give it, will not follow that path. We are going to settle on, you will be able to send (and receive) all kinds of:

  • Photos and Images
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Contacts
  • Apps
  • Files of any kind
  • Folders (that contain files)

When it comes to sharing what we keep in our galleries, we exposed ourselves to risks that can range from the subtraction of the same without our consent, to the fraudulent use of the aforementioned. With Send Anywhere, we have the ability to encrypt each element we send through the creation of keys of up to 6 digits.

Send Anywhere Review

Privacy is also important because here is removed the option to send up to the cloud contents we want and at the same time, doesn’t reveal personal information.

This app has no costs; what has helped it get more than 5 million of users and place it as one of the most popular productivity app.

However, despite being valued by aspects such as a simple interface or the possibility of sending the same file as you wish, it has also been criticized in other aspects such as failures in the deals that cause unexpected closures.