Samorost 3 is an exploration adventure and puzzle game

Amanita Design, the award-winning authors of the successful Machinarium and Botanicula, brings now their most recent creation, the delightful puzzle adventure Samorost 3. It is, as usual from this Czech company, a point and click game and puzzle adventure, just as visually stunning as their other games.

The enchanting aesthetics of this game and the mesmerizing soundtrack immerse players in the surreal beauty of a creative, unusual world you can peek at in between puzzles. Samorost 3 is set on a green island that somehow manages to effortlessly float in space, and your character, a small figure in a hooded white onesie, goes on a journey to discover the origins of a seemingly magical flute that has mysteriously fallen from the sky.

Samorost 3 Features

samorost 3 android

Samorost 3 artwork is extremely detailed and beautiful, full with photorealistic textures and creative, smooth animations; brightly colored elements in the distinctive art style that characterizes Amanita Design.

Like in many of the games by the Czech company, your character will be dropped in an unknown, strange world without a friendly hand to guide you throughout your journey, in which you’ll have to tour nine different alien worlds.

Each one just as particular as the other, while you solve a certain amount of puzzles you’ll have to outsmart in order to move on, which, to be honest, don’t grow any harder as you move on, but instead, stay with almost the same difficulty as in the beginning.

Each one of those alien worlds will be composed by multiple scenes, which deliver interconnected puzzle sequences.

The controls are pretty simple. You can tap wherever you want your gnome to go, drag your favorite finger across the screen to look over the scene or use pinch gesture to zoom in or out; if an object is surrounded by white rings, that means you can use your mysterious, magical flute with it. Characters don’t utter a single word; instead, the story is narrated purely by mute, cute characters.

Samorost 3 Review

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Samorost 3 for Android devices has a price tag of $ $2.71, which is a wide difference from the version for PC, which costs $19.99.

The first two delivers to the Samorost saga were made by Amanita Design during its beginnings; the first one is free, and the second one costs just the same as the third part. But don’t worry. It doesnot matter if you haven’t played the other parts, it doesn’t matter too much as the storyline won’t be too affected by this

Give it a try and download Samorost 3 from the Play Store for $2.71.