RunGunJumpGun: Retro Shooter for Android

RunGunJumpGun: Retro Shooter

RunGunJumpGun joins many seemingly opposite elements within itself and blends them until achieving jus the perfect combination between different worlds. RunGunJumpGun has the word “retro” written all over: the colorful ‘80s sci-fi art style, the engine and level system typical of retro platformers; all about it shouts old school and gives us a ride on nostalgia track as it drives us insane at the same time.

Through its more than one hundred levels, RunGunJumpGun perfectly mixes that feeling like you’re playing and old game and the nowadays typical feeling like you’re about to go crazy due to how immerse you are in the nearly impossible levels the game is made up with – as you jump and shoot around obstacles while never stop running, you’ll find yourself wondering if it wasn’t the Devil himself who designed the every detail of the game.

RunGunJumpGun Features

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The first levels start up easily, with a few checkpoints here and there. Your character, a helmeted scavenger, runs and shoots constantly, no matter which way your weapon is facing; however, there’s one more element in the equation: wherever your gun shoots with have a consecuense . When shooting down, your character flies into the air, and when shooting forward, the blast cleans out the way. Use this in your favor; that’s an important part in RunGunJumpGun gameplay.

Each one of the 120 levels there are available throughout the game lasts around a minute or less, if you’ve mastered all it takes to consider yourself a pro; instead, if you’re a beginner, it could take a few minutes or even an hour to complete them, if that’s the case. But it’s a bit tricky. It takes a lot of time and patience to fully master the controls, even though they’re utterly simple. They require special attention.

RunGunJumpGun Review

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But you need some skills if you want to gather atomiks. And that’s when the game turns into the devil’s favorite torture: atomiks are little orbs placed on dangerous sites, right by the side of deadly traps and obstacles, and you need them in order to unlock the next world. There’s a million ways to die in RunGunJumpGun, and you probably will experiment many of them as you try to collect atomiks. It might be a pain in the neck, indeed, but the challenge is quite energizing and refreshing, besides from necessary, if you intend to get to the end.

In spite of all the previously mentioned and the frustration this game might cause, RunGunJumpGun could be rather enjoyable; it’s pretty fun, and I, personally, couldn’t put my device down for a second. If you have an Android device, like I do, I would recommend you to download this indie alternative for the fair price of $3,17.



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