Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

Endless runners are those types of games where we don’t have a definitive end to get to but we instead have to make it as far as possible before we get killed. A few examples of these would be the classics Subway Surfer, Temple Run or Minion Rush.

Yodo1 Games, Crossy Road and many other successful games’ distributor, launched a new game for mobile devices. It’s called Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari and it combines the mechanics of the endless runner with the management genre. You can get it for free; remember it is available for Android and iOS on their respective App Store and Play Store.

Rodeo Stampede Features

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Yodo1 Games presented this new game, a creation by Featherweight Games, full of bright colors and exotic animals players have to catch while you’re running nonstop.

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari is a new twist on the idea of this concept combined with a touch of strategy since you can create a Zoo by taming different beasts and can charge visitors for their tickets.

Combine the mechanics of endless runners with management/establishment genre of park theme. You incarnate in the body of a cowboy in the middle of a stampede you need to guide in order to avoid being crushed.

Having graphics that could strongly remind of Crossy Road, in Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari, you will enjoy of a game with a very simple gameplay but with the addictive trait that most of the games this genre can offer. In the middle of a stampede, our cowboy will have to jump from animal to animal to run the largest distance and capture animals with his rodeo tie.

Throughout the games, we will be capturing new species of animals that we will exhibit in our Zoo, which we will have to improve and expand so visits will leave much more money

The controls of the game are pretty basic; with your finger, you’ll dodge obstacles. If you let go, our cowboy jump to capture another animal. It’s just that simple.

Rodeo Stampede Review

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All in all, we could conclude that the game’s basic objective proposes us to ride on the animal’s loins of different species and catch them to take them to our Zoo. As you advance, the greater the demands get, however, with harder challenges, you get bigger rewards in the shape of bonuses you get from visitors

We can download the game for free on our Android devices from the Play Store; the app does offer in app purchase, as normal, but they’re completely optional.