Road Not Taken: A roguelike puzzle game about surviving life’s surprises

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Spry Fox’s puzzle game Road Not Taken is a game “about life’s surprises”. And just like in real life, unexpected elements may pop up and challenge you to new limits – though it does look cute with its fairy tale like artwork, Road Not Taken is an immersive adventure that should not be taken slightly. Don’t let the game’s look deceive you, for its complexity makes it not only an interesting story, but also a not-so-easy puzzle adventure experience.

In Road Not Taken, you incarnate as a ranger brave enough to venture into a forest after a brutal winter storm in the search for children who have lost their way. Like in real life, the choices you make affect not only your destiny, but also the story of the town you call home and the villagers that inhabit it.

Road Not Taken Features

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The game is not exactly divided in levels; instead, your character, a ranger who’s been gifted with the capability of levitation and telekinesis, goes on a quest to look for children who lost their way on a forest, then, you’ll have to go all over aforementioned forest with a fixed purpose.

Each section of this forest will be blocked, and in order to unlock it, you’ll have to solve the puzzle using items or the help of several different creatures you may encounter during your journey, who might help you out or kill you.

There is one thing to consider about this game, and that is the fact that it is always testing your survival skills. There are so many ways to die in this roguelike puzzle game, so many things to do, all because there’s a procedurally generated story, so it can be a lot different every time. Replaying Road Not Taken once you’ve finished doesn’t sound like a bad idea, and I personally would recommend it.

Road Not Taken Review

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Controls are quite simple. If you want to make your character move, swipe on the screen in the direction you’d like him to go, or hold down on the screen. To interact with objects, tap on them when you’re close to them. You can carry items as you move, but that takes up energy; if you want to throw it away, tap on the screen. Just keep in mind that you’ll die once you run out of energy.

Road Not Taken’s beautiful aesthetics are quite impressive, just as well done as the soundtrack. In general, Spry Fox did a great job. You can take a closer, appreciative look at the stunning artwork by downloading the game on any Android device from the Play Store for $4.99.