RISK: Global Domination

RISK: Global Domination Review

It isn’t strange to see all kinds of remakes and versions of things that we know in other formats being released for mobile devices with the rise of mobile technology; ideas and companies have to progress to cover the market or stay the same and slowly extinguish. One of the territories that exploit the most these format changes are board games, with a large number of games already taken to a different, digital format – this is the case of the classic and beloved strategy game, Hasbro RISK online app, which is now introduced to you in its mobile version.

In the very unlikely case that you don’t know what this game is, it is very simple to explain: you have certain number of troops, and some amount of territories; the goal is to expand these and conquer the whole world. That’s the easy part of the explanation, since the game has several modalities and rules that make it intricate and very exciting. All of this, Hasbro Risk app, is now also available for your Android devices’ screens

The RISK app has a free trial version and the possibility to unlock the full version from the inside game with an in-app purchase if you are convinced of doing so. The game features all the classic rules, so the experience of playing will be the already familiar to many, although extended to some very nice graphics and very interactive avatars with real troop movements, music that suits very well the battle and all that kind of simple details that improve a lot the experience and that one learns to appreciate.

RISK Global Domination Features

The game has many features that make it interesting and varied, such as:

  • 4 difficulty levels, depending on how seasoned you are on the game.
  • Variety of maps and avatars.
  • A guided tutorial mode for the complete novice.
  • Critical game stats and achievements.

Among many other things, but the most interesting one of this version of the game is chromecast compatibility, which allows you to connect the game to your TV in order to enjoy it on a big screen while you use your Tablet or mobile to control all the action. This is very nice when you play modes such as the Global Domination mode, which is played online. In the Risk game online version, you get to play against people from around the world for the total control of everything.

Play RISK: Global Domination with your friends, family, or any strange; ally or enemy. Creates alliances, suffer or betray other players, move carefully through the territories to achieve your objective; strategy is an essential part of this game and if you enjoy it, there will be few games that will leave you as satisfied as RISK: Global Domination.



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