RETSNOM: An inventive pixel art puzzle platformer

RETSNOM, one of Somi’s most successful works, is a puzzle platform game that beautifully – and masterly – blends two different genres into something unique until obtaining an astonishing result. This game’s premise sounds quite interesting and simple, but the gameplay itself is not as easy as it might sound to some.

In RETSNOM, we are introduced to a world that’s been hugely affected by a terrible tragedy; in here, we control a man who is about to lose his daughter to a zombie virus, as she has been infected with it, and who’s seeking a way to save his most precious treasure.

Somehow, for some reason, he finds a time portal, and becomes able to travel to the future and get the antidote to the virus. But it won’t be easy: he is sent to a lab. The lab is some kind of maze, and to move forward, you have to complete the puzzles by using mirrors you will find in each stage.

Mirrors will allow you to flip the world and rearrange the order of things, to mold the lab, by making the map reflect on a shaft (that would be our character), so things will change places: things on the left will now be on the right, and things that were on the right will now be on the left.

This is how you solve puzzles, but it’s not that easy; you have to think things through, and be somewhat clever. In fact, if you think of it RETSNOM is a complicated game; maybe that’s partly the reason why it is so enjoyable.


RETSNOM android

Every element in the map can be molded by a mirror, so you have to think twice to get the right way; to complete a stage, you have to get a key, and parts of the door, so you can advance to the next stage. Just remember: we have warned you the game won’t be too easy.

And keep in mind, things will only get harder and harder as you advance though the 60 levels. You will also find zombies here and there (as it would be expected from a zombie genre game), and you have a time limit.

Retsnom android 2

RETSNOM’s graphics are pretty plain: they have a 2D pixelated art style. It’s pretty retro and minimalist. On its very own way, it looks pretty good.

The game requires you to have some agility and to show some cleverness every now and then, but’s not impossible to play. At least, you have checkpoints; every time you die, you won’t start from scratch, but from the last checkpoint.

Which is very useful when you get stuck in a dead-end and your only solution is suicide. There’s a button you can use when this happens, which will cause your character to commit suicide and start from the last checkpoint.

All in all, the game is really worth the money. You can download RETSNOM from the Play Store for the absurd price of $0,89. Give it a shot.