Retro Winter Sports 1986: Remember the old sports compilation series

Retro winter sports android

If you grew up during the 80s, then you are most likely to be to be familiarized with this kind of games, as it was this decade (and thus, this generation) that saw the video games industry and hits such as Pac-Man and Tetris suddenly showing up in the market to leave a permanent mark in people’s lives.

Many of these kids, who are no longer kids at all, remember these times very well, since they left a huge impression on them, and are now usually feeling somewhat nostalgic every time they hear talking about those oh, so great retro games that were part of their childhood.

If you want to have a hint of the good old days in your present, you can try playing Headup’s new game, Retro Winter Sports 1986

Retro Winter Sports 1986 Features

Retro winter sports android 1

Although sport games have never really left the market, they are no longer the same; millennials won’t know, but 80s kids will certainly notice. Sport games’ golden era was the 80s! In honor to those beautiful times, we users get this new, amusing game made by the cooperation between Headup Games and The Bitfather.

As the many sport games Retro Winter Sports 1986 is based on, this features different events, each one depicting a different sport and giving the player each time different objectives. Whenever they want it, players will be able to play events either individually or in tournament mode; whatever they feel like doing.

Pick your favorite or play them all! They will be also able to decide on country (from 12) they’d like to represent. But don’t worry; you surely won’t get bored quickly! At least not until you have completely conquered every achievement.

Practice your skills over and over until mastering them and owning the game! You can either train in training mode or directly practice with the tournament mode; one thing about the later mode that’s worth mentioning is that not only will players play against the computer, but also they will be able to battler their friends in the hot seat mode, where up to 8 players can join the game.

There are six different sports you can try, so if you get beaten at one, you have six more to master and ask for a rematch!

Retro Winter Sports 1986 eview

Retro winter sports android 2

As it would be obviously expected, Retro Winter Sports 1986 has a very retro vibe to it! Pixelated graphics and all the charms of the 80s

You can download the game from the Play Store for free and relive your youth while playing the modern remake of sport games with Retro Winter Sports 1986.