Replica is an interactive novel android game

Replica presents us a side of our era not many of us are very aware of, and that’s all the information about ourselves we share without even realizing. Nowadays, going through someone’s phone means to have their life in our hands, almost literally; the things they like, the people they talk to, the photos they’ve taken (therefore, where they’ve been, who with), memories, things on the calendar (what they’ve done) and so.

And this is what Replica is about: going through someone’s phone and getting to know all of this person’s habit and secrets. Introducing you to a new kind of modern horror, Replica has been found to be impacting for many reasons, and one of them is the relation it keeps with our reality and the game’s approach to certain topics.

It’s hard not to instantly fall in love with the app if you’re a fan of the genre. After all, Replica: A Little Temporary Safety, developed by Zero Rock, has become a reference not only due to its fame, but also because of the great game quality it offers. Take notes and listen up if you have an Android device.

Replica Features

Replica android 1

It all starts with a phone; you have to get past the lock screen. Once you finish this the first of many puzzles, you learn that that is in fact not your phone, and that you are a prisoner.

You’re being held by an authoritarian regime, but then you’re informed by Homeland Security that in order to get out of that cell, you have to meddle in the devices content and find any possible terrorist connection the cellphone’s owner, Dickie Greenleaf, might have.

From that moment on, you’ll have to search for incriminatory content among his texts, contact books, social media and so to determine whether your target is guilty of the charge or not.

As you gather scraps of information, you’ll be solving puzzles with them and making advances in the game’s plot, getting to know the life and secrets of this person you’ve never seen before, until eventually reaching a conclusion and one of the 12 endings of the game; the ending you’ll get depends on the choices you make during your gameplay and your performance.

Replica’s interface mimics an Apple device, and the entire gameplay takes place in it; the mechanics are pretty similar, if not the same, as using a real phone, so it’s pretty simple. Replica’s graphics and music seem to be strangely accurate, somehow. Eeriness just fits the mysterious aura of the game.

Replica Review

Replica android 2

One issue people have been complaining about is that there is not a way to save your progress; once you close the game, you have to start all over from the beginning. But don’t let that discourage you: at least you can skip certain parts of the game when you come back. I understand it can be a bit annoying, once you play the game, you kind of understand why it has been designed that way.

Playing Replica: A Little Temporary Safety makes one wonder a lot of things, and then you might start asking the real questions: after witnessing such a thing that could be so close to our reality, it might give you chills just the thought of what’s on your phone. The surrealism of having your life in your hands had never been so thrilling.

To experience the even gruesome plot of Replica, full of deep reflections and sensible topics, download the game from the Google Play Store for the fair price of $1,99 and let all that sink inside.