Reigns: Simple but effective card game

DevolverDigital offers us a kingdom that depends on our decisions. With this premise, Reigns is available for Android, iOS and even Steam. We will take the role of different monarchs that will emerge as our elections end with the life of each of them, the game of thrones has begun.

Reign, simple but effective

Reigns is a card game that is out of the zone of the usual effects, spells or that kind of games. In this case we have more with a kind dragons and dungeons where our decisions are key to stay alive. At the beginning of the game we will see a letter with a text from one of the villagers, we have two options that can be quite different. To choose one of these options we just have to move the card to the left or right depending on the response we want to give.

Reign for Android

It’s all very simple, but nothing is what it seems in Reigns since we have a series of icons at the top that will be filling or emptying depending on who we benefit. The icons are:

Cross: Involves all about religion, either by building churches or to promote faith in our kingdom.

Human: It’s a person shape which represents the people and how well we treat them, either celebrations or protection for example.

Sword: Representation of the army as soldiers is either making them fight or reinforce it with people of the kingdom.

Money Symbol: representing our finances, construction or decrease with each favor and will increase if we raise taxes or prices doubled.

We have to play trying to not get any of these markers totally empty, because it would be our immediate death.

One of the great incentives of Reigns besides surviving and gettings points is the different achievements. To do this we need that our story line goes along the right way for that purpose. For example if we want to complete the achievement of an heir, we can not reject all commitments with princesses.

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Every decision we make has an immediate effect on our mandate so that sometimes we can rely on some of the characters. As an example if the kingdom suffers economically we can ask for a loan for a 5% interest. Each time the monarch dies, a timeline appears and displays the next generation so we adopt multiple personalities.