Prisma: transform your photos into something artsy

If you’re tired of using the same filters over and over on your pictures and you’d like to try something new, Prisma might be the app you’re looking for

This app of Russian origin was all the rage among photograph fans, especially among those who love taking pictures with their phones, which is an growing amount of people in this smartphone era, where phone’s cameras offer better quality pictures every time.

Prisma lets transforms your photos into artworks

Prisma, which is how this wonderful invention is called, was catapulted into the list of Most Downloaded Apps on the Apple Store soon after its launch, at the end of June, this year. And when a beta version of it was launched on the Google Play, the demand made the servers collapse.

Prisma is one of these photograph apps, but it is certainly different from the rest: it promises to change the aspect of the image to create such artsy compositions you’ll be surprised with the result. Millions of people have already done this

One of the most imporant and innovative features of Prisma is the combination of unique neural network and artificial intelligence that helps convert the photos into timeless art. Thanks to it, users can get those amazing results on their smartphones.

Prisma Review

Prisma preview

There are until now 45 filters available that go from the comic style to urban art, and some of them are inspired in artist’s painting styles, such as Edvard Munch, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Mondrian, Lichtenstein, or others styles such as impressionism.

Prisma has an easy intuitive design: you just have to take a picture, or choose one you’d like to modify from you gallery, and select a filter. Then you can decide save it and share it on your social media from the app. Plus, it has incorporated a system to reguate every intensity factor or modify some effects to facilitate the personalization.

However, it lacks any other trait; there are no many options, other than applying the filters. You won’t be able to make any cropping, but perhaps a little zoom. Neither collages nor effects, but it is a great choice if a good filter is what you’re looking for.


Now, not long ago, the company that developed the app announced that a new feature would be added to it: videos.

The only downside to Prisma is that the filters are applied from the Prisma Labs servers; so it takes a while to get the results you want, since the image must be uploaded to the serves, where the filter will be applied, and then the already modified image is sent back to our phone. The process used to be a bit slow, but the developers have improved the app and now it takes just a few seconds.