Primux Blind android app designed to help blind

Primux blind launcher android

Not too long ago, cellphones were merely associated to the hearing sense, but as technology advances (and therefore, cellphones as well), with the new touchscreen thing going on, they are now more associated to the sight.

Now, we have to look at the damn screen whenever we use it, especially when communicating, as phone calls seem to be a thing of the past; instant messaging apps is what’s the most popular now. Everyone uses them, and people have to adapt themselves to this new era.

We know millennials have some sort of innate talent for these matters, an advantage over older people, but there’s an issue that usually affects elders, but also affects them, and that’s eyesight problems.

Primux Blind Features

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When you’re blind as a bat, this is some important business. Eyesight problems affect the everyday life, and this is just one of the many aspects of it. For people with this kind of issues, handing their cellphones day by day maybe become a nightmare at times, when images get so blurry you can’t even understand them, which could lead to a feeling of frustration.

Noticing this little problematic that affects such a big part of the population, the Spanish specialized mobile technology team, Primux, has decided to develop an special app, especially design for all this people: that’s Primux Blind, an app that will make way easier the access to tools and other functions on their phones.

With the intended purpose of alleviate this need on the market, Primux Blind, a pioneer app in this field, has come to facilitate customization and browsing on these people’s smartphones interface. The app is a launcher, some sort of app that opens other apps and “launches” them, helping users to customize and modify visible elements on their phone.

The app, which can already be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store from any Android devices, not only adapts the smartphone’s interface and adds other new functions orientated to this public, but it also has a voice assistant that facilitates users all the info.

Primux Blind Review

Creating new direct accesses is another trait, besides from the possibility to create a usually habitual contact list or most used apps. Also, texts are bigger and users can choose the contrast that suits their capacities the best.

Creating Primux Blind is one big step into becoming a better society, besides from a more advanced, civilized community, and help and love our fellow me. The diversity revolution is making huge changes, and making sure people with different needs are getting included is making them a little bit closer to having no impediments and being able to enjoy technology just as any other.