Pokémon GO: The new android fever

Pokémon GO is the first big game of the Pokémon franchise to land on Android. It was developed by Niantic “creators of Ingress”, with a new combo that combines the traditional magic of Nintendo games with the already tested ideas demonstrated in the opera prima. The result: an adventure in which we will have to go outside and move trough the streets if you really want to become Pokemon trainers.

Any user who previously played Ingress, quickly understand what is the idea behind Pokémon GO. And those who have not done so, won’t find too many problems either. The game basically turns our city into a colossal stage game, with which we interact. Thanks to our Android’s GPS device, your avatar within the game will move with us, so we have to go outside to capture hundreds of different s pokémons.

Pokemon Go

Do you have a beach or a river near your position? Great, maybe it’s a good idea to walk around the area to find some water types of pokémon. Need some pokémon plant type for your new collection? Maybe it’s time for a picnic. Similarly, we visit the PokeStops, which are usually found in interesting and crowd places like museums, art installations or historical sites. In these PokeStops we can buy pokeballs and also resupply before facing any rival coach.

Pokemon GO is an excellent exploration and role game for Android in all aspects. It is a fun game to play, with hundreds of pokemon to catch and it also helps entire families to go out into the sun. The game is well optimized, it has an elegant interface and features and some great graphics as well.

Come on and give it a try! They are waiting for you.