Pokemon Duel: Tactical board game with your favorite Pokemons

Pokemon Duel: Defeat your friends and become the Pokemon Master

Hitting the store a while after the astonishing success of Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Company’s newest game releases and gives us fans and players a pleasant surprise at the beginning of the year with Pokemon Duel – or actually, it is just being released in this side of the world; we occidentals are not so lucky in certain regards. Pokemon Duel had been initially released in Japan under the name of Pokemon Comaster on April, back in 2016, but it has been rebranded for the English version.

Pokemon Duel Features

For those who have been fans of the Nintendo based company since the very beginning, since the very first hit of this wonderful franchise, it must have harsh wait, especially because it’s been long as hell, but they been just rewarded this January 24th. However, the results of HEROZ developer has left many fans confused, some others disappointed, but mostly, scratching their heads: although Pokemons Duel is certainly based on Pokemon (obviously), it really isn’t like the Pokemon original main series games.

Pokemon Duel app has let down a few fans here and there, if not because of the gameplay style, because of several bugs and other crashes, but the game has great potential. So you shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it, so let’s hear a little about the game.

Pokemon Duel is mostly a strategic board game. You have six pokemons on your deck, or team, facing your enemy’s team, and by taking turns, you’ll try to reach the opponent’s goal before the opponent reaches yours. This might sound a little complex, but the concept is pretty easy and once you get the hang of the gameplay and start practicing a little, you will be quickly ready to even participate on international online tournaments; but be careful, your pokemons will be moving around and will have to get into a fight at some point. Battles involve a spinning wheel, so the game does have its part of unpleasant, rather disappointing reliance on random events.

Pokemon Duel Review

The Pokemon franchise’s new game is free, but as it would be expected, it does contain in-app purchases that will increase your probabilities for success; you can purchase “plates”, to use them as boosters, and trade other new, different pokemons with an in-app currency.

You can get the app on the Google Play Store and download it on any Android device; we’ll leave a link down below so you can try Pokemon Duel out



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