Pocket Mortys is a Rick and Morty game based on the Pokémon video game series

Pocket Mortys is a Rick and Morty game based on the Pokémon video game series

pocket mortys android game

A lot of things could be said about Rick and Morty. Adult Swim’s TV show has earned its popularity as it is great, funny content many people with a particular sense of humor enjoy and love. Now Rick and Morty is not limited to a TV screen, but you can also have the infamous duo on your smartphone thanks to Pocket Mortys.

However, if you don’t watch the show, that’s okay, because this game is a clear reference to Pokemon, one of the biggest franchises in the world, which you have probably heard of before.

Pocket Mortys Features

pocket mortys features

If you have both watched Rick and Morty and played Pokemon, you’ll notice right away that Pocket Mortys is a clone to Nintendo’s classic and you’ll understand the genius of it. If you haven’t watched the show, you’ll catch a bit of its kind of humor here and there with random jokes and references while playing the same gameplay system as Pokemon’s, except for a few differences; it might even motivate you to watch the show.

However, either you’ve watched the show or not, if you have never played Pokemon ever before in your life, we’ll have to explain a bit of Pocket Mortys’ gameplay system from scratch.

Pocket Mortys’ setup is based on Rick and Morty’s concept, in which they make clear that thanks to the existent multiple universes. There are a near-infinite amount of alternate versions of every person.

And when the duo reaches an alternate dimension where “Morty battling” is a thing, the Council of Ricks, the governing organization over all Ricks within reality, takes Rick’s portal gun (a gadget that allows users to travel through different dimensions, and which they need if they want to leave the dimension where they currently are).

In order to get it back, both Rick and Morty have to tackle enough gyms and earn enough badges to be able to challenge the Council and defeat them.

Then, you main goal is to strengthen your team of Mortys while collection others and gathering crafting material.

Pocket Mortys Review

Pocket mortys android

The game features the RPG based battle system, and just like in Pokemon, you’ll have the options for attacking, switchin, item, and running. As you defeat wild Mortys, you can catch them to increase your collection’s size and to have more options to fight with under the elemental battle system – each Morty has an element.

Which could be Rock, Paper or Scissor, and it will follow, at the same time, the hand game’s system. Rock beats scissors, while scissors beat paper, and so. You know how the thing is. So that will pretty much sum up every character’s characteristics, stats, weaknesses and strengths.

You can download Pocket Mortys from the Google Play Store for free and start catching them all right away! Good luck!






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