Plants vs Zombies Heroes Android review

PopCap is a company that has quickly made us get used to its success and good games. From its beginning on PC games, its Plants vs Zombies game saga has been talked about a lot, in a very good way. PopCap did not only resign itself with launching its Plants vs Zombies game for PC; in fact, it has extended itself to the game consoles market with its new Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare game.

But that’s not all of it. At the beginning of this current year 2016, the video games developer announced a new game was on its way: a new Plants vs Zombies, different from all the others, since the American company had decided to go one step further and take a leap into CCGs with Plants vs Zombies Heroes, which has this little peculiarity it wasn’t developed by PopCap only, but counting on EA’s collaboration.

EA (Electronic Arts) is another American video game company that’s had a long trajectory in the world of video games, especially when it comes to combat type video games. This is why so many fans had longed so badly this game’s launch, which has already been available for Android at the Play Store for a few days

Plants vs Zombies Heroes release date hadn’t been specifically announced back then; only tentative dates, around what time of the year it would be released, and what the game would be like. But PopCap recently surprised us with the launch of its latest game on Google Play for Android devices.

EA’s Plants vs. Zombies Heroes collectible card game


PopCap’s new game is a CCG game, a collectable card game, a type of game that has gained ground over the time with respect to popularity. If you have ever played one of this collectable card games before, like Magic: The Gathering, Infinity Wars, or Hearthstone, it will be rather simple for you to get used to the Plants vs Zombies Heroes CCG.

It has this kind of games typical statutes; attack points, defense points, life points, among other innovations with which we have to organize our strategy for the battle garden. It is very important to point out that one of Plants vs Zombies Heroes’ characteristics, which is giving people something to talk about, is the online game mode it will offer. Being a cards battle game, it will give the game a certain extra charm; you will be able to combat against other people from anywhere in the world without a trouble.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes has a card mechanism made up with a bunch of characters, all of them with different and fun powers and abilities

The objective is to get players to be the strategist they have deep inside for a little while to defeat the opponent. The game can already be downloaded for free from Google Play, while iOS users have been able to download it since this last September. As usual, some in-app purchases will be offered so that users can upgrade abilities and obtain certain benefits.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is now available

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Online

Keeping in mind Clash Royale’s recent success on every Android and iOS device, EA could not be left behind, so it took advantage of this famous brand Plants vs Zombies to launch its very own collectible card game.

Many had the doubt whether the game would or not be free; in the end, it turned out to be completely free. However, now both Android and iOS users are equally able to enjoy the game.

In the game, you’ll have to choose a side, plants or zombies, to get the largest amounts of cards possible, with which you’ll be able to defeat your opponent later on. As we said before, it will have an online multiplayer mode, and the typical single player mode, where you will learn the basic notions of the game by facing every time more complicated challenges that will allow you to gain the necessary experience to win your firsts battles on the online multiplayer mode.

Each individual world will have a large amount of levels, up to 40 levels even, in some cases; in which you’ll have “missions” to complete so that you can strengthen your Deck. At the end of each world, you’ll come upon a boss, which you will have to face in order to advance.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes is already available for downloads for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store, but as it tends to happen with this kind of games, you will be offered in-app purchases, which you will obviously pay with real money, to help you progress in the game faster than other players or to get upgrades that will make easier your trajectory in the game.